Friday, September 19, 2008

Visions of Sugar Plums

Every morning with puppies is like Christmas morning, and even if you do not celebrate Christmas I am sure you will know what I mean. It is like there are new puppies in the whelping box every morning. This morning the puppies that are here are serious walkers – they must have established a “No Crawling Rule” overnight! And their eyes are almost all open, and they are playing more – every morning brings something fun and new.

Yesterday I wrote a post and then it was erased, and then the second one erased and then my explanation of technical difficulties disappeared! We did things a little differently yesterday, posting pictures first and then the text, and so today it will be back to text first and then pictures, and hopefully you are reading this.

Let me quickly tell you about yesterday’s pictures – the two together are Dawson and Ledger. It is “Bad Manners Dawson” sticking out his tongue. Darby is asleep over another puppy, and Rosebud looks thoroughly annoyed that Halo’s licking messed up her hair. The scale picture is Dawson – they usually do not sleep in the scale but he was tired so easy to weigh and I thought you might like to see how we weigh them.

Last night I decided to take pictures on the deck of two puppies at a time. I first did Kinsey and Darby, and then Rosebud and Lolo. Unfortunately, I had two problems with my great plan. First, I seem incapable of holding the camera straight while laying down and so the puppies look like I set them on a hill! Second and more tragic, the camera suddenly stopped working!!! I got out the manual to see what the flashing “err” meant, and it says to take it to a Nikon Dealer – that cannot be good. Please think good thoughts for the camera!

Kinsey thought it was fun to try to bite her cousin, Cadi, last night while I was taking pictures; I have included a shot of that attempted assault in today’s pictures. The black and white one is Kinsey and Darby. It is interesting to see the difference the amount of white makes in head appearance. Kinsey and Darby have similar heads – Darby might be a little bit blockier but not much. In the picture, Darby looks to have a bigger head than Kinsey because of positioning but also because Darby has more white on her face.

There are two of Rosebud and Lolo. In one they are looking angelic and peaceful, and in the other one we can see who they have been taking lessons from – obviously Dawson! And remember, I really did not set them on a hill!!

Thanks for being interested in our puppies, and for your comments and emails – I appreciate all of them!

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  1. I was hoping the pictures you mentioned in your post from today would show up later, and I got my reward! Taking a break from my online scrapbooking class to look at baby Berners. My version of Nirvana. Still love Dawson's tongue. I fell in love with it at first look!