Monday, September 8, 2008

First Visitor

The puppies had their first visitor today – their veterinarian, Shura. She came to remove the rear dewclaws on the three puppies that had them. It is very odd to have so many without those rear dewclaws, and one of the three who had them only had one! But we are not complaining because even though she used a local anesthesia, we know those three puppies will be sore tonight and I expect their weight gain to slow a little for 24 hours. The puppies with two rear dewclaws were Rosebud and Darby, and Sula had just one.

When the vet arrived, she told me that Trent said hello. I was initially confused but then I asked, "Trent? As in my handler, Trent?” And yes indeed, she had just been talking to the guy who handles Cadi for me – Trent Wilkinson. He lives in Salt Lake City and apparently Trent is handling a dog for Shura. I am not exactly sure how they put it all together that Shura was on her way to my house but somehow they did – it reminds me of what a small world it is, especially in the dog community. It is an excellent reminder to only say nice things about people because you never know who knows whom!

So, I am sure you are anxious to know who the leading weight gainer is today! Madison has once again achieved this honor, weighing in at 31 ounces. Rosebud is close behind at 30.35 ounces. All the other puppies, except Lolo, are between 26 and 28 ounces, so they are not too far behind the chunks. Lolo now weighs more than Halo did at birth – she weighed 14.85 ounces this morning, a gain of over two ounces in 24 hours. Shura (the vet) checked Lolo again and said she seems perfectly fine -- she is just small (Lolo, not the vet, although the vet is not large either!).

I have noticed some things about the puppies. Dawson is a bit of a loudmouth. He likes to hear himself talk, and does so frequently for no apparent reason. Madison is the Lewis and Clark of the litter – she likes to scoot off on adventures around the whelping box. Lolo is assertive – she yells loudly when one of the bullies tries to push her away from her meal. I come to her rescue, of course, and so she is getting reinforced for her assertiveness. Darby and Kinsey look the most alike of the girls, and Ledger and Rosebud look a lot alike. Madison is a tank of a puppy – she is very solid. And those of you who know Cadi (especially Kathy LaPine) know that there was something about Cadi from the time she was a wee puppy – Rosebud has that same quality about her. I keep saying that Rosebud reminds me a lot of Cadi, and that is why – because there is just something about her that is hard to describe.

So that is the report from Puppy Central. The puppies, now six days old, are all well and excelling at the things they need to: eating, sleeping and gaining weight!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day ☺


  1. Thanks for the updates! All the puppies are beautiful, and I love hearing about their daily adventures. Lolo is one tough cookie, but it's a good thing she has the benefit of some "public assistance" to ensure she gets her fair share of the resources!

  2. Glad to see Halo and the puppies are doing well. Alina passed on the photos to me....those pink noses are really cute!! I hope you are getting some rest and enjoying the new job and life in Montana!! Take care-Edie Schoepp