Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The First Week is Done!!! We Survived!

We made it through the first week and what a relief that is! Halo is well, all the puppies are thriving, and I am not feeling quite so exhausted and stressed. It is amazing how much better one feels with some sleep!

Madison continues to top the Leader Board in weight gain. I wish you could hold her -- she is a very solid puppy! Rosebud is right behind her, and the rest are trailing but not by much -- well, except Lolo, who is in a category of her very own.

The puppies who had dewclaws off did some very sad whining last night -- oh, it was really pitiful and made me feel terrible. I wondered why we do these things to little puppies?! When they would whine, Galen or I would cuddle with them and/or put them to nurse, and that helped. They seem to be recovered this morning, and I did not see the change in weight gain that I expected in those puppies.

The puppies can really scoot around the whelping box now and they wind up in strange places -- especially Madison. Now, I know there are not many places they can go given that it is a big box but they get under and behind things that you would not expect. This means that one needs to count puppies before stepping in the box since one could easily have crawled under a towel or the fleece. Madison likes to hide behind the laundry basket -- she remains the best adventurer of the bunch.

Lolo -- she is darn adorable! She has really caught on that crying loudly when one of her more weighty siblings is trying to disrupt her meal brings the rescue squad. As sworn officers of the Dairy Police, Galen or I immediately settle the matter by giving Lolo preferential dining privileges. As a result, Lolo continues to gain a good amount of weight and is already trained to whine and cry if she does not get her way -- everyone will want this puppy, I am sure! Make sure and check out the picture of upside down sleeping Lolo -- and her cute on/off button on her tummy.

I appreciate knowing that people are enjoying pictures and the updates so add a comment or send an email so I know someone besides my dear husband is reading!


  1. Maybe Lolo's nickname should be "princess"!?!?

  2. I'm totally enjoying reading the posts! It really helps in understanding all that goes on in raising a litter. I check at least twice a day to see if there is anything new!


  3. My girls remind me to check the blog when they wake up, and when they get home from school. We have absolutely loved reading about the puppies! thanks

  4. M-A,
    What great pics and details of the first week of Kaibab's F Litter.

    Take care,
    Carrie Roos

  5. I am in love with Dawson! That little tongue sticking out!