Saturday, November 22, 2008

1 p.m. Update

Things are a little nerve wracking here. Cadi passed some bright green discharge, which is not a great sign -- it can signal a placenta issue :( I have talked to the vet and we are doing a c-section at 4 if she has not started delivering puppies. Cadi continues to nest and pant, and the discharge has not continued. Think good thoughts please -- this is stressful!


  1. Tell Cadi that all her friends are reading the posts regularly, wishing her and the puppies well; and tell her that she'll feel MUCH better once the puppies are delivered (not to mention you will!) so she should get on with it and not have to go to the vet's.

    Susan and Djinn

  2. This is stressful!! All my thoughts and prayers are on their way. I've been puttering and now am baking cookies - yes cookies!! - anything to help me pass the time. I feel like I'm the expectant father!! I hope all of the babies are ok and will make their appearance soon. Keep the faith!

    Nervous in New Brunswick

  3. M-A and everyone at Puppy Central,

    I can imagine the kind of stress you must be feeling right now. Please know we are with you in spirit and sending good thoughts for a healthy delivery! Take deep breaths when you need to, to help release the tension. I know it might be challenging, but I find connecting with my sense of humor and lightheartedness can be quite helpful in times like these when all you can do is wait and hope. And we are sending a big hug to Cadi, she is doing a great job so far! C'mon Cadi, get those puppies movin'!

  4. Sending every possible good wish your way. Thanks for the update. I've been refreshing the blog about every 30 minutues checking for news.

  5. Okay...deep breath...I'm feelin' your stress ~

    I am so glad you have a good vet and Joan is there with you.

    Emergency prayer going up for Cadi & pups.


  6. We're thinking good thoughts for everyone over there...especially Cadi and the babies. All of the positive energy flowing through this blog has to count for something!!