Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday: From Home to Home

This morning we woke up to snow in Utah but are now back in Montana. The four puppies were good little travelers and are now fed, walked and settled in their puppy play area.

On the way back to Montana I got a phone call from a Blog fan asking where the puppy pictures were, and so I assured her that I would continue to post at least pictures every day. I am glad the Blog is a hit and I like sharing the pictures -- it makes me think: "write it and they will come"!

A few things to report -- Galen rocks as a puppy owner. Yesterday he made treats for Faith and he is training her all the time. She does great puppy recalls and fronts, and he even started heeling! He had to do a leash walk to keep up with Megan and Purna -- Marti sent the picture of Purna and Megan so that spurred Galen to action.

I heard from Karen and here is an excerpt of her report:"We left Mary-Ann's about 7:45 am and arrived home about 10:30 PM (EST). The flight attendants were not very nice and insisted we keep Maya in her bag under the seat the whole time, even when the plane was sitting on the runway. We arrived home tired and hungry. Maya had a much better attitude at the end of the day than Mike or I did. By the end of a long drive which included going 20 miles in about an hour because we got caught in a Redskins home game traffic jam, Maya decided she liked her sherpa bag as long as it was open and slept very nicely. We got home to find the kitchen sink had backed up with awful smelling black sludge and was unusable. Maya was still happy checking out her new front yard and kitchen floor. She was extremely unhappy to then find herself all alone in a crate. VERY unhappy and very loudly vocal about it. So, that was day 1."

The long drive to Montana was a fruitful one -- the puppy formerly known as Rosebud has a new name. We were stopped for gas when I heard a child say, "Zoey" and instantly I wondered if that was Rosebud's real name. I asked Rosebud and it seemed to resonate with her so I sent a text to 1-800-FLitterNames (i.e., Elizabethanne -- the greatest puppy namer ever) and immediately heard back that the name meant Eternal Life and a name suggestion of Kaibab'z Forever. I talked to Kim and he approved (he did not like Rosebud for a forever name, which is why I did not keep it) and made a suggestion that resulted in additional thinking and eventually Registered Name Version 1.4.

So, Rosebud is now Zoey Rose with a registered name of Kaibab'z Forever Bright -- the "bright" is for Halo -- her registered name is Kaibab's Bright Angel.

Hope you enjoy the pictures -- Madison is in the snow, Purna is walking with Megan in sunny California, Dawson is cuddling with Kate, someone is kissing Kathy, and Faith is practicing heeling with Galen and his homemade treats!

Have a great day!


  1. M-A,

    I really like the name "Zoey" what a great meaning behind it as well! I am happy to report that Homer loves the snow!! I am not sure he will see grass up here again until the spring. Give Zoey Rose a hug from Colorado.


  2. Thank goodness. I was in a bit of a funk today with my dose of virtual puppy.s

  3. I must have checked in six times today, feeling wistful -- and then, there it was!

    Thank you so much for continuing to post. I'm beginning to see how breeders must feel about staying in touch with their babies -- I miss them, too.

    Any further info on Dawson and Madison?

    Again, many thanks.


  4. Whoever intervened on all of our behalf for more puppy posts and pictures . . . Thank you!! I was bummed when I did not see a post today, but then also thought that maybe M-A needs a bit of a break before Round Two starts in a few weeks. ;)

    Zoey Rose is beautiful, love it!!

    ~ Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois

  5. Zoey Rose is perfect - Made me think of all the times I heard you say lovingly "Abra Rose!!!"

    Cindy H.