Monday, November 3, 2008

More Joys

Karen and Mike just left for the airport with their new puppy. They took Darby -- now Maya. This is a LOVELY puppy -- very typey and with great structure. Karen will be working on making Maya a Versatility Dog, and I suspect Maya will have no trouble earning her championship and working titles. This is the puppy who most resembled Asia as a puppy, and I was hoping she would be the one I kept -- in addition to being lovely she is extremely sweet and laid back. But her place in this world is being a therapy dog with Karen, and making a good impression for us out east with Karen and Mike -- I know she is perfect for her new life.


  1. Karen and Mike are LUCKY! I've been a fan of Darby/Maya since seeing the evaluation videos -- that puppy was born for performance work.

    Great joy to the three of them.


  2. Congratulations Karen & Mike!

    You have a beautiful addition to your family. Darby was one of my favoites. She is not only beautiful, but I like the fact that she is sweet and laidback. I hope you will send Mary-Ann photos as she grows and keep "us" ? updated on her new life.

    Best Wishes to You All!

  3. Karen and Mike,

    Great to meet you guys. Best of luck in all you do with Maya.