Sunday, November 30, 2008

Name That Puppy!

Yesterday I was reminded of where all this licking comes from -- Cadi's dad, Marshall. Marshall's mom wrote, "... I have always called Marshall the "licky freak" so I fear Cadi comes by that gene naturally..." So, cleanliness is a family trait -- wish that particular trait extended to my human family members!

Puppies are doing so well but they are a talkative bunch. This is, no doubt, Marshall's fault as well! Cadi is a girl who likes to share her opinion and apparently the puppies are starting early. Everyone is doing so well that I moved to my bed last night, which is located about ten feet from the whelping box, as I have previously mentioned. The puppies are a chatty bunch and their every noise wakes me up. I literally got up 6 - 7 times last night to make sure everyone was okay. Usually it was just someone practicing an opinion but occasionally someone had wandered away from the rest and so was sending one of those puppy SOS signals.

Cali asked if Geneva does better with low flow nipples and we think she does. The rear of the Dairy Bar is where the prime seating is -- no sucking is required as the milk practically gushes. Geneva does better in one of the forward seats where the milk flow is less abundant.

Today I wanted to share more names (with comments) from Elizabethanne; I share them with her permission. I am sure you will agree that she is quite entertaining -- and good!

"Going Places (gee, where'd I get THAT idea???)

Global Affair (any of the names you picked for the puppies are nicely

Golden Jubilee (Still working that party theme)

Gimme Shelter (Mick or Jagger)

Gideon's Trumpet (call name Henry, cuz Henry Fonda played Gideon in the
movie; or some appropriate legal name)

Just kidding on this one: Groundhog Day (cuz didn't you just HAVE a bunch
of puppies???)

Get Your Groove On (Dancer?)

Gung Ho

Greased Lightning (Danny)

Gold Rush (Rush)

Gold Digger

Gold Coast

Grand Prix

Golly Gee Whillikers (call name Will or G)

Going My Way (Bing)

G.I. Jane (Jane or Demi)

Go West (West)


Get Real (call name Truth)

Gidget Goes Hawaiian (if you had a puppy going there this would be cute!)

Gladiator (Russell)

The name you'll want to give all the pups by the time they are 8 weeks: Get
Outta Here!"

Nicole, my daughter, also enjoys thinking of names and has some fun ones; she shares the following:

"Golden Goose: Butterball
Git R Done: Rodeo/Cowboy
Grand Entrance: Red/Paparazzi
Golden Ticket: Wonka
Greetings: Season
Greatest Sock Eater: Credit/Zipper
Going Crazy: Sane
Glue: Elmer"

And in the spirit of names, it is time for our first "Name That Puppy"! There are three close-ups -- can you name that puppy??

Hope you will name your day wonderful! Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Good morning Glitter bunch

    My guesses from top to bottom are:

    How did I do?


  2. G has really turned out to be a good letter for names!

    The pictures were really hard for us this time. We think Sutton is the first puppy, then Jamaica. We had a lot of trouble with the last one and thought he was Toronto, but he has more brown on the left side of his muzzle, so we decided to go with Geneva, even though there's a lot more black on her nose then I remembered. Does the pigment in their noses change really fast from day to day?

  3. My guess is:


    You've got some good writers for names . . . Sam and I tried to come up with some the other day on our walk with Kiko and then veered off into the silly and ridiculous. Here's what I can remember of our silly ones:

    Gastric Bypass - call name Gassy
    Gentrified Neighborhood - call name Chicago
    Gothic Vampire -- call name Twilight

  4. I agree with Sutton, Jamaica, and Geneva. Don't trust the nose freckles, they change fast!

  5. Let's make this harder. Who is it lying on her/his back with whose head on the hind leg? And who is snuggled up on Cadi's leg in the bottom picture?

  6. Cali

    That is tricky - I will give it a whirl:
    The one on her back: Ireland
    Head on the one above:Hudson
    One on Cadi's leg: Jamaica

    That was tough!

  7. My puppy guesses:

    Puppy on her back: Jamaica
    Puppy resting on above puppy: Hudson
    Puppy on Cadi's leg: Sydney

  8. Gramdma here checking in on the gifts from God. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the weekend with family and friends! I see the puppies are getting bigger and fatter - are they trying to fatten themselves up for Christmas?!!

    I have a few names, although not nearly as fun as some of the others!

    G-Force: call man Tank
    Geisha Girl - call name China
    Google - call name Surfer
    Gotta Believe - call name Dreamer
    Godiva or Ghirardelli - call name Coco or Chocolat (french pronunciation)
    Gainell - means happy and shiny - how fitting, but sounds kind of nerdy!
    Genes and a T-shirt - call name ?? maybe George after a hunk like George Clooney, or some other hot gorgeous guy.

    ...I like names with strong meanings, but it's fun to make up a name and find a call name to go with it.

    I must say the puppies just keep getting better and better. I love their little faces and would really like to get my hands on them and give them all a big smooch! I'm not sure how anyone gets anything done with sweet little faces like that waiting to be kissed.
    Cadi is doing such a great job and I am so pleased that Jed could be a part of this happy family.


  9. My guesses to name that puppy round two.
    Puppy on her back: Jamaica
    Puppy head resting on puppy above: Hudson
    Puppy with her head on Cadi's leg: Jamaica or maybe Sydney