Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update and Our Puppy

As you may have already surmised, Rosebud is our pick puppy and is staying with us. This was not an easy decision because we all know that Megan wanted her but it was apparent a few weeks ago that Rosebud was too much puppy for most people, let alone a 13 year old and her busy family. I had conveyed that to Megan and Marti some time ago, and I think Marti appreciated that I was not sending her family another high energy dog (i.e., Maverick :). Megan was sad but trusted my judgment, which I appreciate very much.

I was worried about where Rosebud would go -- she is a bold puppy with amazing presence and attitude, and she is keenly intelligent. I knew she needed to be where she would be appreciated and where she would have the opportunity to realize her potential. Some puppies are well suited to a casual life but Rosebud is not -- she will need things to do. As the weeks went on, I started to realize that Rosebud was something special also in how she is put together.

When we did the puppy evaluations, I saved her and Darby until the end as I knew those two girls were going to be the top picks -- they were. Rosebud came out a clear #1 with the evaluator who could not say enough nice things about her. She loved her balanced structure, her movement, and her attitude and presence. We had very lovely girls and to be the top of such a strong group is a real statement about Rosebud.

And so it all came together -- this puppy whose personality, intelligence, energy and character were such that she needed a home exactly like mine -- turned out to be the pick of the litter, ensuring that she would, in fact, stay with me. Isn't it just amazing how things turn out?

I wish you could all meet Rosebud. Karen mentioned while she was here that pictures do not do Rosebud justice and I agree -- you have to see her to truly understand what is so special about her.

There is just one problem -- Rosebud has not declared her real name yet. I have tried a variety on but none seem to resonate with the puppy now known as Rosebud. Here are some choices that I have tried:

Juno or Juneau
Berkeley (I went to school there)
Should we just keep Rosebud??

Any ideas? I am especially interested in call names that could go with Fireworks, Firecracker or Fire Charm...

Dawson and Madison are still here with us as well as Faith. Dawson has some great people who would love to have him so he will soon be in his new home, and Madison is now exploring some new options for her forever home. Elizabethanne has suggested that given that Madison will be the last to go, we should name her Kaibab'z Fashionably Late!

I have heard that Kinsey-Purna is home and doing well -- she even went on a leash walk, prompting Galen to say Faith will be taking a leash walk today as he doesn't want Megan and Purna to get ahead! Homer and Peaches (Ledger and Sula) are safely home, and we are waiting to hear from Karen about Darby-Maya's adventure getting to Virginia.

In honor of her selection, both of today's pictures are Rosebud.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day


  1. I like some version of Juneau / Juno. Could maybe play off of the Frontier idea for a registered name. She is a marvelous puppy!

  2. Congratulations M-A and Rosebud!! I just knew she would be staying with you, how exciting!!

    Regarding names . . . I'm thinking names that reflects her power, and what better than goddess names?? :)

    Arani (Hindu goddess of fire)
    Pele (Hawaiian goddess of fire)
    Athena (Greek warrior goddess and goddess of intelligence)

    Have a great day with that little firecracker!

    ~ Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois

  3. Yay! Have a GREAT time with Rosebud -- yes, we all knew she would be yours, once we saw that Darby was going to Mike and Karen's home.

    As for a new name -- I realize you're looking for a call name, but I can't help suggesting Firebird as a registered name (from the Stravinsky ballet, in honour of her '..it's a bird!' photo). Here's a description of the ballet, which seems to fit:

    "With the Firebird a new style emerges, free from classicism, free in movement, in the use of the stage, [with a]vigorous style and athletic steps..."

    Then her callname could be Ivana (the main character in the ballet is Ivan) or Tamara (first name of the original dancer of the title role) or even Dancer.

    Wishing you all the very best,


  4. Congratulations on your "new" puppy - I always knew she was the one for you!
    May she be as special to you as Cruiser was to me!!!!!!
    I feel that "Rose" should be in her name - perhaps Kaibabz Fabulous Bloomer (Rose) 0r Kaibabz Flamboyant Bloom (Rose)
    Wishing you a couple of restfull weeks-

    Cindy H.

  5. Very Exciting Mary-Ann!

    Ah...Rosebud what will your call name be...Rosie, Rose??

    Kaibab'z Cherry Bomb or Kaibab's Cherry Bombz, Kaibab's Fuzzy Sparkler...

    I look forward to hearing about Rosebud's adventures.

    God Bless You & Yours :D

  6. I like Rosebud - but anything other than Rumor. The latter makes me think of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' oldest daughter.

    To reiterate from my fellow commenters - I think we knew Rosebud was going to stay in Montana and give Asia a run for the money before you did.

    Congratulations to all of you - All of this puppy joy makes me want one, too!

  7. Yay for Rosebud and M-A. You're right...things just work out sometimes! I really like the firework/firecracker theme. The pictures may not do her complete justice, but you can sure see the spark in her eye even in the photos. Maybe Ember or Magic for call names related to charm or fire?

    P.S. My new favorite is the picture of Dawson in the leaves!