Saturday, November 22, 2008


Cadi has been hard at work making a colorful nest for her babies in the whelping box, which is way better than the cold, wet hole under the deck that was her first choice as a birthing suite! One of the cats was helping by shredding newspaper and the others stop in to deliver moral support.


  1. My 6yo daughter, Maisie is enjoying the pictures and has announced that Cadi will be having one zillion puppies so I think you have a long day ahead of you : )

  2. Well, I hope a zillion is a little far off...but about six or seven boys would be great:)!

  3. Ha ha, I hope for everyone's sake at Puppy Central that Cadi will round out at six or seven! Sending you all lots of focused energy for the day ahead of you . . . Cadi you still look gorgeous, even in the throes of labor!

    ~ Liz, Sam, Kiko the hopeful pug, and Lilith the cat

  4. The computer world must be tilting, like a ship when everyone rushes to one side to see a whale breech -- all your afficionados, I'm sure, rushed ro their computers at dawn to sew how Cadi and you were doing.

    Thinking good thoughts,

    Susan and Djinn

  5. Any puppies yet? Any puppies yet? It's like Christmas and I just can't wait!!
    Trish & Jed

  6. Neither can I. I am hoping that the lack of news means Mary-Ann and Joan are busy helping Cadi deliver those babies.