Monday, November 3, 2008

Again -- Sorrow and Joy

We are in good health, in spite of the subject. Our spirits are heavy because at the last minute we made a change about puppy placement. This was painful and sad for all of us. AsI have said before, as much as I care about the people involved, my first responsibility is to the puppies. It is always terrible to disappoint and hurt good people and I think that is all we need to say about this situation.

We had a busy day yesterday. We started with a hike -- Megan, Marti, Cassie and I took Asia and Maize on a rather long hike near our house. The trail was closed in parts making it much longer than we expected but we all had fun and tired out wild Asia!

We arrived home and the fun started. The house was full of people most of the day as new puppy owners, family and friends stopped in.

Jonn's reaction to meeting his puppy was wonderful to see -- I captured it in a picture I am sharing with you. We all LOVED Jonn -- what a great guy!!! The puppy formerly known as Ledger and now Homer is a lucky guy. Jonn flew in and spent most of the day with us, enjoying the puppies and the cookies Galen and Megan made together as they argued about the relative merits about their puppies.

And Megan's puppy -- Kinsey! It was clear the past few weeks that the puppy most suited for Megan was actually Kinsey. This is the puppy that walked up the full height teeter to let us all know she wants to do agility with Megan. She is a pretty puppy with a sparkly personality but not as lively and forward as Rosebud so Megan and Kinsey are a good match. Megan's dog, Anna, died in May as most of you know -- her name was Annapurna after a mountain; Megan's new puppy is Kaibab'z Forget Me Not with a call name of Purna. Megan is "crazy excited" about her new puppy, and left last night with her.

We are now down to six puppies and two more leave today. Terri is flying in for Sula/Peaches and Karen and Mike from Virginia have been here since Saturday and leave today. We have very much enjoyed getting to know Mike and Karen -- they are a wonderful family for a puppy. We look forward to another day of puppies and visiting.

Have a wonderful and happy day!


  1. Anna, if you are reading this, I love Purna's name. I can't wait to hear abour your exploits with Purna from next year's Specialty.

    Mary-Ann, what did your car sound like with all the puppies and your big girls? I can't imagine...

  2. Am loving your posts!

    Your St. Louis contingent

  3. Megan!

    Yea for Kinsey! I love her face, she's Sula's twin!