Friday, November 21, 2008

It is Dropping... and Name Ideas!

It appears that Cadi's temperature is starting to trend down so we should have puppies in the next 24 or so hours! Yikes!

Elizabethanne is hard at work on G names -- she knows Cadi well and so has this to say, "I'm kind of partial to party names and glamour names for the Cadi litter."

Hee are some of her ideas (and comments):

Kaibab's Grand Illusion -- lots of good call names to choose from with that

Kaibab's Glitterati (I really like this one. Paris would be a good call
name! Or any Hollywood type name)

Kaibab's Glitz (or Glitz and Glamour) Call name: Flash

I still like Gala Celebration. Also, Garden Party.

Also Ginger, (to liven up) and Gusto.

G is a great letter for registered names!

Great Escape

Great Expectations

Garden of Eden

Gentlemen's Agreement

Glass Slipper

Grace Note

Game On




Gale Force

Get Smart (call name 99)

Give 'em Hell

Gold Digger

Good Girls Don't


  1. We can't wait...sounds like it will be very soon.

    A name that we have been thinking about is Game's Afoot, but you're right...G is a fun letter for registered names!

    Thinking good thoughts for the litter and Cadi.....

  2. Boy, I RAN to the computer this morning -- and was rewarded with the exciting news.

    Glitterati is a wonderful name!So are Garden Party and Ginger. How about Gorgeous George (or Georgia?)

    Thinking good thoughts for Cadi and her attendants,

    Susan and Djinn

  3. Oh "Goodie" ~ the time has finally arrived!

    Mary-Ann, did you go teach today? I am soo excited for you!

    I had to google "G" names. Here is what I found.

    Kaibab's Golden Eye
    Godfather's Grand Sun
    Great Gatsby
    Kaibab's Grand Canyon Elite

    Kaibab's Gemma (Italian- gemstone-pretty eyes)

    Gretta Garbo - drama queen
    Girda ~ Nordic, "A Guardian"
    Godiva ~ yumm :D
    Gucci ~ The finest dog money can buy
    Gypsy ~ Exotic, eager traveling buddy

    God Bless you, Cadi & staff.


  4. I ditto Susan's comments about running to the computer this morning . . . of course it took me awhile to get there because, as luck would have it, my internet is out at home. So I had to scramble and get to a computer and read the blog before my meeting started this morning! Hooray for Cadi and her soon-to-be little stars!

    Here are some celebrity last names that might be fun to have as the puppy pre-names: Garcia, Garner, Gibbons, Gibson, Gifford, Glover, Graf, Gray, Grifith, Gallo, Garbo, Garland, Gallagher, Gambon, Gillespie, Gavin, Glazer, Grace, Grant, Greer, Guinness, Gunn, Guevara, Gwynn, Groza

    Of course you could also use Galen's name in the formal G-Litter name, to honor his role and work and identity as an amazing puppy nanny (and now puppy daddy as well), especially as he raises this last litter before his transition to college . . .

    Ok well I hope that sparks some more ideas and I love all of the ideas contributed so far. Good luck and blessings to everyone involved today in the delivery.

    ~ Liz, Sam, Kiko the pug, and Lilith the cat