Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet the Glitterati

Cadi is named after a city -- Arcadia. In honor of this and our belief that these puppies are going places, each is named after a city or country. The boys are all named after cities in Canada, in keeping with the fact that their dad is a Canadian. So meet the new family (double click to enlarge).


  1. I love it!! Great names and it is nice to see each little one individually . . . I'm trying to get an early identification system going and I am thinking I might be able to tell them apart by the size of their white marking. It looks like Hudson has the biggest and Jamaica has the thinnest white marking at this point. The boys' white markings are definitely wider than the girls also. I don't know, is that the way it always is, or just a coincidence here?

    M-A I hope you are getting some sleep by now . . .

    Have a restful evening,

    Liz, Sam, Kiko the curious pug, and Lily-cat

  2. And what a big head Ireland has! Is she the biggest of the puppies? I just adore their little ears.

  3. I love the names and the reasons behind them! They are all gorgeous and I can't wait to see them grow!