Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is the first official day that Cadi could be due but her temperature was 99.9 this morning -- it runs between 99.9 and 100.3 so no drop yet. Given that it is on the lower side of normal, I will check it again before I leave for work but I think we are safe in assuming no puppies today.

It is possible to be so accurate with due date because we tested her progesterone levels to know exactly when to breed her. The level of progesterone rises above 1.0 about 1 - 2 days before ovulation. Once the eggs are ovulated, it is another 1 - 2 days before they are mature and can be fertilized. Gestation is 64 - 66 days counting the day of the progesterone rise as Day 0. A really good article about this can be found at:

Cadi's progesterone rise was September 17 and she was bred via surgical insemination using fresh chilled semen shipped from New Brunswick, Canada on Saturday, September 20 and via vaginal artificial insemination using fresh chilled on the following Tuesday. I believe that the Saturday insemination was the perfect day and clearly this all worked. Thanks to Jed's, mom, Trish, for her willingness to work with us! Trish had quite the drive to her vet and of course timing is everything so it is not like you can plan it all in advance.

The flying fish, as I called them, arrived from Canada via Overnight FedEx but since it was Saturday and this is Montana, I had to drive out to the airport to pick them up. The lady at the FedEx counter had read the declaration of contents and thought it was quite funny and made a comment about my dog getting a "booty call", which made me turn red even retelling it to Kim (Dear Husband). So, armed with the two parts of the puppies (i.e., Cadi and the box of flying fish) I drove to the vet where Cadi went to sleep and woke up pregnant.

And she is still pregnant -- but not for long -- and we will soon meet the results of many people's efforts!

Joan is driving up today and bringing umbilical clamps and newspaper -- we are always short on newspaper given there are no neighbors to collect from. Galen and I cleaned and got things organized and ready last night. The whelping box is set up, we have over 50 clean wash cloths, a dozen clean towels, new fleece for the whelping box, fluids to give Cadi if needed, oxygen for puppies, paper towels galore, and so on. The fancy digital scale is ready and waiting -- I do need to print out the data sheets for the puppies but I am only printing eight!! My guess is seven or eight and if there are more I am blaming those of you who have been saying ten and eleven!

I thought you might enjoy seeing the whelping box and room. We have a very large whelping box so that there is plenty of room for everyone, and to reduce the risk of a puppy being suffocated. The flooring is a new piece of linoleum and over that will go newspaper and towels during the whelping, and newspaper and fleece once we are settling in. We have three chairs in the whelping room and a television -- that was a requirement of The Puppy Nanny (Galen), although he will be absent when puppies are being delivered. There is also a computer in there as you can see. I took the pictures of Cadi this morning -- she is resting up for the Big Day.

Thanks for all your comments!!!! I hope your day is wonderful and filled with anticipation of good news things to come.


  1. Hi Mary-Ann, it's Grammie Trish here. I'm getting very excited for you and Cadi and wanted to let you know we are thinking of you guys. I loved the blog this morning and I can't believe the size of Cadi's BELLY!! Wow, it must be hard for her to sit up and put on her lipstick. :)

    Sounds like you are well prepared and ready for these babies to make their entrance into this world. I'm sure they will make it a better place and bring a lot of love and joy to their families. We are praying that everything goes well and with no complications. It's good to know you have everything you need for the delivery - good friends, lots of supplies, a computer and camera, a TV and chairs, but what about the snacks?? All great baby showers have excellent snacks!! :)

    You'll be happy to know that the loveable expectant father is relaxing outside in the cool temperature. He's looking forward to handing out his liver flavored cigars to brother Eli and the neighbors. Although I'm sure he would be happy to help with the delivery, I think he's done enough already by the looks of Cadi - wink wink!!

    So, I'm guessing there will be 9 puppies, 6 girls and 3 boys. I hope I'm "Wright" ....excuse the pun.

    Hugs and belly rubs to Cadi.
    Trish & Jed

  2. The labour and delivery room looks great, and for certain the midwifery staff is experienced and devoted.

    A slightly off-topic question: what is a surgical implantation?

    Cadi looks like she'll be very glad to pop out those babies, so I hope she does it promptly and without problems.

    Waiting with bated breath,

    Susan and Djinn

  3. Hello Mary-Ann & Staff,

    I'm not totally clear on artifical/surgical insemination either. Did Cadi go to sleep for the procedure on Saturday AND on Tuesday? I know bitches are often bred more than one time in a "natural" setting.

    Mary-Ann, are "we" nibbling on our nails these days? Boy, just looking at Cadi's belly makes it hard for me to take a breath. :D

    Take care and know all your fans are rooting for you & Cadi!


  4. Just to go on record, I say 9 puppies. I think it is going to be a boy heavy litter, so 6 boys and three girls.

  5. Hi Mary-Ann,

    I just love the picture of Cadi lying on her side with her big beautiful belly! It is surprising to me to see how emotional I am feeling about her delivery (not having kids of my own I guess) and how tempted I am to compulsively check the blog to see if there are any updates . . .

    Well it sounds like you are prepared and ready to go, and I guess I would just add that the rest of us out here in cyber space are sending you and Cadi and Joan and Galen lots of love and support and positive energy for a quick and healthy delivery!

    I voted for nine healthy puppies, although from the looks of that belly it seems like I could have easily underestimated . . .

    Many Blessings and Happy Birthin' Up there in majestic Montana,

    Liz, Sam, Kiko the pug, & Lilith the cat

    ps. What a great note from Grammie Trish and Jed's family!

  6. I think that Cadi will enjoy the delivery, just in a different sort of way. I know dogs don't think like people, but I am sure she is feeling some sort of anticipation and while the actual delivery may not be ummm enjoyable, the relief of pressure and the feeling of getting back to normal will be enjoyable!

    Hugs to Cadi bug and all the dogs and people. I am thinking of all of you!