Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Glitter Watch Begins!

Montana is an interesting place to live. On Monday I was driving back from a fast weekend in Utah when I saw a black streak racing across the field by the freeway. At first I thought it was a cow but I quickly realized that cows did not move that fast -- even if McDonalds was on their heels. It looked like some kind of black shepherd.

I stopped, mentally calculating how and where I would fit an extra dog if I even managed to catch it. The dog had stopped to look at me and then I realized there was another one -- a gray one -- and that they were wolves and not dogs! We looked at each other for a few seconds and then they were off and running in the other direction. I have never seen a wolf before -- pretty crazy but very cool!

That was not the only reminder that I live in the Wilds. On the way down I saw two Bald Eagles sitting next to a lake and on the way back I also saw several Bighorn Sheep in addition to the wolves. And this morning I was again reminded that I no longer live in the Big City when I was out with Zoey in the dark, listening to the songs of several coyotes with the hooting of owls in the background as I waited for her to get busy and potty.

And so it is into this new life in Montana that the Glitter Litter will be born later this week.

Last night I gave Cadi a bath so she would look beautiful when she meets her children. I have started taking her temperature and it is holding steady -- no drop just yet. I talked to Joan this morning and gave her an update -- she arrives tomorrow. We are so lucky that she is willing to come up and help out. Joan was a vet tech before she was a pediatrician and so she has excellent skills -- plus she is calm in a crisis, which is always a great thing! Galen wants nothing to do with birthin' babies so he especially appreciates Joan's willingness to come up from Utah!

These pictures, taken this morning, show you what Cadi looks like right now. Make sure and vote for how many puppies you think Cadi will have!

Thanks for visiting and keeping me company on the Glitter Watch!


  1. M-A, So glad to hear Cadi is feeling better. And she looks beautiful, what gorgeous eyes she has!

    ~ Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois

  2. Thank goodness there is a picure of Cadi in B-G in almost the same pose as on the blog. Having never seen a pregnant dog - the before and after helps! BTW, she does look big! This is tough. Maize had two litters, one small and one big. Maize herself was from a big litter, and her dams other litter was big. Galen, you are gonna have your hands full!

  3. Yes, the transition from urban to rural living is interesting. The large carnivores were run off my island long ago, but we have occasional visiting cougars and bears who ride over on logs. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to see a beautiful black bear ambling down my road, with the sun shining on his fur.

    Cadi looks wonderful; yes, there IS something special about her. Best of luck for an easy and healthy delivery. And thank you so much for the blog; my morning are now back to 'normal.'

    Susan and Djinn

  4. Cadi looks so healthy! We are thinking about her and hoping everything goes well!

  5.'s Wednesday!

    Mary-Ann, I really get a kick out of your humor :D I am taking the view of Cadi having a "Bakers Dozen". I hope my guess is off by 2 or 3 (or more) pups, for everyone's sake.

    My Mieke, came from a litter of 12-pups. They all survived with a ton of work from all involved.

    Galen, are you sure you wouldn't like to be a vet? You have so much experience behind you. Plus, I am assuming you have an "open mind" to more than book knowledge. :D

    Cadi is absolutely stunning. I agree w/Liz that Cadi's eyes are awesome. After looking at Cadi's hubby, this has got to be one stunning litter! Wish I could visit Kaibab's Puppy Kompound.

    Thank goodness for this Blog!

  6. I guessed 7 just so it is on record. I also will be glued to this blog to watch the new pups knowing how lucky they are to have M-A, Galen and the whole crew by the side.


    PS I have seen one bear in 10 years living here in CO!

  7. Hi Mary-Ann and Galen,

    Cadi is soooo big!!! Wishing you an easy and calm day when the time comes for Cadi to give birth. I hope all goes really well for everyone involved especially the pups and Cadi.

    I vote for 9... sorry Mary-Ann, I know that's a lot, but she is so round...

    Peaches and Ochoco

  8. Mary-Ann,

    Cadi looks great but yes she is rather large. How is she feeling these days?

    I live in a rural area and see coyotes now and again and certainly hear them at night. Some days I go to work before daylight and I am always keeping my eyes open for foxes or deer on the side of the road.

    Cindy M