Sunday, November 2, 2008

We Made It!

The puppies were perfect travelers and we made it to Salt Lake City without problem and with not a single accident in a crate! We were met by Marti and Megan and the crowd soon formed -- the puppies more than doubled the number of new people they have met!! The puppy party was very fun and the puppies all did so well. Thanks to all who came!

All matches have now been made -- info and pictures to follow later.

But the best news -- Lolo-Faith's eyes are NORMAL!!!!!! Truly it is like a miracle! All of the puppies have now had their first health check and all have normal eyes at eight weeks :)

More later...


  1. Fabulous news on all counts -- safe trip, no crate accidents, and of course, the great news about Faith (I bet Galen is over the moon).

    What am I goin to do first thing in the morning once the F blog is done???? Can we have daily updates on how fat Fadi is getting???

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  2. Oops - sorry, having trouble typing with a cat in my lap. That was supposed to be 'Cadi' of course.


  3. Hi Mary-Ann,

    Your fans have filled your email box! I'm getting my emails returned with a "Mail Box is Full" notice.

    Thought I'd let you know!


  4. I am really excited that everyone got matched and send a big congratulations to all the matches!! I hope we can hear some updates from time to time on M-A's blog, from the newly formed families . . .

    And I am sending happy wishes to Galen and Faith, it sounds like St. Francis worked his healing magic again!

    And I second Susan's request to see pictures and hear updates about Cadi!

    ~ Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois