Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Happy Owner and Lucky Puppy!

Terri just left with her new puppy, Peaches. We had a fun day hanging out together and now they are on their way home to Portland. That is Peaches and Terri together, and a shot of Dawson.


  1. Lovely shot of Terri and Sula/Peaches.

    So I guess that means only one more day to look forward to blogs, to find out who gets Dawson, to hear officially that you'll be keeping Rosebud, to say an official goodbye to this part of the journey.

    I wonder if you know how much pleasure you've given to your blog-followers! I'm half-teary as I get ready to say my own 'goodbye' to the litter.

    Thank you so much for finding time and energy, in the middle of Puppy Central, to get the news and views out.


  2. I agree with's really been a treat to be even a very small part of this special litter. This blog has become an addiction and I hope you keep some form of it going for Cadi and, of course the upcoming little G's! And it would be great to hear occassional news about these lucky puppies!

  3. I'm the third in the line of please keep us posted!

  4. By the way, I keep looking at that picture of Peaches and Terri - I just love the look on Peaches' face. I wish I had pictures like that from when we brought all our fur babies home. What a treasure that picture will be.

  5. trying a second time, not sure if my first post went thru. I too wanted to thank you for the joy your puppy blog brought me each day, the opportunity to learn and enjoy. I know that when the time arrives for my second berner that i will be a better puppy owner/trainer for having watched and read each day. Shall i keep this in my favorites in hopes of a 2nd round with Cadi's litter?!!!
    thank you
    Ruth (Idaho)
    Wagontale's Katherine "Bailee"