Thursday, November 20, 2008

Surgical Insemination

(This post is in response to a question and is not just a random discussion of surgical insemination!)

A surgical insemination is a way to get the "fish" right to where it needs to go so none are lost on the long journey upstream, so to speak. So Cadi was given a general anesthesia and then a small incision was made in her abdomen. The fish were then injected directly into the uterus. Cadi was sewed up and I cleaned her teeth while we waited for her to wake up so she woke up pregnant and with clean teeth :)

On the following Tuesday the vet simply deposited the newly arrived fish near the cervix -- this was done with a slender tube-like instrument and did not hurt at all and yes, Cadi was awake. That was the insurance deposit -- I do not think it was really needed.

Cadi's temp was 100 right before I left for work so the Glitter Watch continues. Tomorrow is a terrible day for her to have babies as I have two classes to teach. I have plans for those classes should I need to stay home but I would prefer that Cadi wait until Saturday or at least, Friday evening!

And yes, we have snacks and lots of diet soda for me and coffee for Joan. I have special chew things for the other big dogs and the two puppies so everyone should be happy during the whelping -- except Cadi :(

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is one round belly on Cadi! Good luck with the next few days! I'll be sending good thoughts your way, and if I could I'd deliver a big 'ol box 'o peaches for snacks! Here's hoping each pup is a peach!