Monday, December 1, 2008


The three close-ups from yesterday (in order) are Sutton, Jamaica and Toronto. Before you feel badly about your puppy identification skills, let me remind you that it was just our first quiz!

The puppy on her back is Jamaica and she is also the one across Cadi's leg. I had to check toe markings to be sure! The puppy underneath is Sutton and I am not sure about the one on top :)

I took pictures of four that I think are confusing. Toronto and Sydney are together. They are similar in that they are both solid masses of puppy, and they are darker on the muzzle. Toronto has more of a blaze, as you can see in the picture. And as I have mentioned, Sydney has that big white front left foot like Cadi.

Hudson and Sutton are very similar, as you can see in the picture of them. There are two useful differences. Hudson has a bigger tail tip and his muzzle band is symmetrical. Sutton has a slight indentation of rust into the muzzle band on the left side and a very slight tail tip. Cali is correct that relying on nose freckles is deceiving as those change very quickly!

The puppies are making wobbly attempts to stand up, which is very cute and awkward given the size of their bellies. They are mouthing each other a bit in some beginning efforts to play. They are sturdy little puppies, and so we are entering the most easy time of having puppies. They are passed that really scary first week and are not yet moving around so the next three or four weeks are what I consider the most relaxed and easy -- as relaxed and easy as this can be, that is.

The puppies' social calendar includes having rear dewclaws removed today -- finally. I thought all had them but I was wrong -- Hudson escaped without rear dewclaws so lucky him. I dread this appointment but I also know they will be okay and not need long-term therapy as a result of having this done. None-the-less, think good thoughts for the Glitterati today.

The picture of the rude puppy is Sydney -- I think she was reacting to being compared to a boy!

Have a great day and thanks for checking in.


  1. Clearly I have some work to go before the real life puppy quiz at 3 weeks. It is easier when you have the whole puppy in front of you and can check feet and tails and boy/girl parts as well as faces. Do we have any swiss kisses in this bunch. I'm glad the pups will have the benefit of lidocaine for their procedure today. Breast milk is also a wonderful analgesic and we know Cadi has plenty of that.

  2. Cali, What is the swiss kiss? Is it the rust-color heart-shape under the tail?

    M-A, how did the dew-claw de-claw go? Sending good thoughts for a painless procedure!

    ~ Liz, Sam, Kiko the sensitive-to-anyone-touching-his-nails pug, and Lily Girl

  3. I have the easiest time with Hudson and Sutton. Hudson is just so hunky, with his flashy markings and boy demeanor, and Sutton has a cutie pie soft facial expression and a taper of the top of his blaze, rising to the left. I spent a couple hours yesterday looking at my yard from the perspective of a fast puppy, including adding a layer of fine fencing 3' up along my rear fence. Best to do this now, while there's no snow on the ground, and no puppy getting in the way. So EXCITING!