Monday, December 22, 2008

Perfect Puppies and Holiday Thoughts

In addition to celebrating with Jake and Cassie, the puppies had eight other visitors yesterday. They are a social bunch and seem to enjoy climbing in laps and visiting. Geneva planted herself in Kathy's lap and stayed there for almost her whole visit, and Kate enjoys trying to hypnotize the boys to sleep in her lap. I think Joan is falling in love with Sutton, and Cali is reserving judgment on her favorite. Cassie and Galen are both very partial to Sydney, and I think they are all perfect.

Their jaw strength is increasing and when they bite it is getting uncomfortable -- not yet painful but definitely moving in that direction. They are really good at scampering now, and spend more and more time playing. One thing they do that just makes me laugh is that they stick their heads under the couch and fall asleep. I imagine they do not know that their round little bodies are sticking out and instead think they are safely in some dark place. Four or five little bodies will be lined up, with heads under the couch -- isn't there a bird that does that?

We took a picture of Whitby and Toronto together -- don't they look alike? And Cadi was practicing a new way to nurse puppies -- a bit awkward looking but it seemed to work! I thought you might like to see how Lucky Karma is handling life with puppies and yes, I know she seems meant to stay with us. Kate is holding Hudson -- we have decided he most resembles a bull right now. Cali suggested there was no sense in trying to get stacked pictures when their bellies do not have clearance yet -- as I have said before, these are definitely low rider puppies :)

The holiday season is solidly underway and the puppies have a very special treat planned for all of you on Christmas. Since they live in front of the television, they will spend Christmas Eve watching It's A Wonderful Life. No doubt puppies and one or two of the boys will fall asleep but there will still be all the jokes about the funny lines in the movie and the officer shooting at a fleeing person and so on -- it is one of our holiday traditions to watch that movie and also the one about Scrooge. The kids all complain but they endure our efforts at tradition.

But I wanted to recognize that the holiday season is not always a cheerful, happy one. Those who have lost a loved one in the past year or those of us who just wish someone special were still with us can find holidays to be painful reminders of loss. The season can seem hopelessly excessive in a time when so many are losing jobs and have so little, and this can be depressing. There are many reasons that one might feel out of step with all the merriment, and that only increases feelings of isolation.

The puppies remind us that there is joy in simplicity. When I sit with my friends, talking and holding those increasingly plump and fluffy little babies, I am reminded of the gifts that friends and community bring. And the puppies spend no money to send out daily smiles to all of you. Maybe it is not just puppies whose mere presence can be such a gift -- maybe each of us can be a gift in someone's life today and all through the holidays. And let's especially remember those who may be alone, and/or who may be facing a first holiday season without someone dear -- and if that is you, we all send you a special hug and well wishes as you walk with a heavy heart during this time when those who live with sorrow seem forgotten.

Enjoy your day -- and help someone else enjoy theirs. Thanks for your visit :)

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  1. I think everyone's too busy getting ready for the holidays to post -- so I'll just say, thanks for this blog, thanks for the puppies. I wish everyone a safe and warm holiday and a joyful year to come.

    Susan and Djinn