Friday, December 26, 2008

Cute Times One Million!

Each day I wonder if the puppies can get any cuter -- and then they do! I am not sure how that is even possible as they seem to top the Cuteness Meter each day, but they all find a way. This morning I was sitting with them after they had eaten and they were so playful. Geneva was playing tug with my sleeve and growling -- it was really cute! Jamaica was scampering around playing with toys, and barking. Toronto wanted to be in my lap and Hudson was busy touring the facilities. All but one puppy used the designated potty area this morning -- isn't that great progress?!

In order to accommodate Christmas, the puppies temporarily relocated to the kitchen. Normally they and their three x-pens and two sheets of linoleum cover the living room but we needed that space to watch Its a Wonderful Life and enjoy our Christmas Day festivities so they moved. The puppies definitely noticed the change in scenery and were all walking around whining (they are kind of loud anyway -- must be from Jed ;). But they settled down quickly and seemed to enjoy all the new smells and activities.

The puppies got lots of attention, and met my daughter and her husband for the first time -- Doug was excited at the prospect of getting his picture in the Blog (he is holding Sydney) but Nicole was not; however, I am still trying to find ways to repay her for being the teenager she was and so yes indeed, that is Nicole holding a puppy :) That is Dear Husband Kim holding four puppies, and some of us holding all eight. Cassie and Galen had a fight over Sydney, but Cassie prevailed and got to hold Sydney for the picture. There are close-ups are Sutton (head between paws, Sydney (side shot), Jamaica (two dots), Geneva (one dot with red toy).

It will be nice to have the two litters completed so we can focus on training and showing in 2009. I enjoy raising the litters but my real love is actually doing things with the dogs I have. People have asked about future breeding plans and at this point I do not plan to breed another girl for about two years -- that would be Cadi having her second and last litter. Asia has a unilateral grade 1 elbow on preliminary films and I do not expect that to change, and so as much as I love her, she will not be bred unless a miracle happens and she clears at two years. I have options from the F Litter if those girls turn out as I expect but I do not like to breed girls early and so they will be close to three and maybe older before one of them would be bred. So, Cadi in a couple of years and then an Flitter girl within a year after that. In the meantime, lots of training, showing, new titles and fun :)

I hope you are having fun today and that someone thinks you are off the Cuteness Meter! Have a great day and thanks for visiting -- and for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed the video!


  1. I do hope you will keep blogging after the Glitterati departs. I would love to see Zoey's progress to her titles. I would also miss your daily musings and thoughtful writing.

  2. Thanks for the video and great photos of the Glitterati--it made our Christmas special.
    Sue & Kay

  3. I agree w/Lynn. :D

    I am not able to get the youtube video of the pups...wonder what I'm doing wrong.

    I love the family photos.

  4. In the video, Geneva looks very girly, Sutton looks thoughtful, Hudson is a big boy, Jamaica appears energetic and likes to work. I did not get a good front end look at the gold medal winning paper shredder but did appreciate the sound effects. :) All the pups are adorable. Thanks for a great ending to a great Christmas day. Jill