Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quick Sunday Morning Note

I put a water bowl in the puppies' pen this morning and it has been fun to see them figure out how to drink. They do not need water now but I thought it would be a good practice for them -- towards their six week birthday we will begin to introduce other foods. We will start with something very easy -- maybe goat's milk yogurt with banana or pumpkin. Soon after we will add a chicken and rice smoothie, and they will also eat a variety of fruits and veggies. I do not introduce puppy kibble until they are over seven weeks and then it is just one meal a day of kibble and the other meals will remain homemade. They will continue to nurse until they leave for their new homes.

They are a playful bunch! And their teeth are SHARP -- I think they sharpen them at night. Galen was remarking that they bite like a gator -- they twist as they bite sometimes and that hurts! This morning I also added an empty milk jug to their toys -- I like them to have different things in their environment.

The puppies will have visitors later so Utah people -- feel free to stop by between 7 and 8:30 p.m. Congratulations to Susan on her new grandchild : ) and Liz -- send pictures of your adventure and I will post to our Blog.

Today's pictures -- that would be Karma in the Christmas tree! The puppies nurse standing up so I took a picture of that and one close-up of Whitby nursing. Zoey is playing with Jamaica and that is cute Toronto with the toy. I love the one of Cadi and one of the girls :)

I hope your Sunday is a peaceful one -- thanks for checking in today.


  1. Zoey's four-month old hairdo makes me smile. On second thought, all the puppies make me smile!

    Susan and Djinn

  2. Mary-Ann, what a brilliant idea ~ A Karma Kat Christmas Ornament! Do they come in different colors and sizes?

    Can this cat make herself feel/look more at home?? NOT!

  3. Congratulations Susan on your grandchild . . . please do share the details! :)

    -- Liz & Sam in Brazil