Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

The puppies now have an expanded play area. They sleep in one area and during the day I open things up so they can have almost the whole living room. I added another piece of linoleum to protect the floor but I got a dark color, thinking it looked good, and it is hard to see pee on it. As a result, I have stepped in more than a few puddles!

I will say that the puppies are starting to understand about a potty area. I use a piece of fleece (for the puppies!!) and they are starting to waddle over and use it. Their aim is not always good yet but its a start! In a couple of weeks the puppies will begin going outside to potty so they should be quite easy to house train.

I keep forgetting to tell you that the puppies are getting fluffy! Joan was over yesterday and confirmed that indeed, their white chests are getting fluffy :) I know I say this every day but they are SO adorable!!! They change every day and it is so fun to watch their new accomplishments. Today it is the beginning of house training and the increasing play, especially with toys. They are also more coordinated each day. You can just see their world opening up in front of them, and as that happens they engage more and more.

The puppies will have some fun visitors today -- Cali and her gang will be over, and so will my friend, Lesley. Visiting time today is at 2 so all are welcome -- we love having visitors!

Toronto is demonstrating excellent abilities as he carries his red toy around, and that is Whitby with the colorful toy. Hudson was trying to play with a formerly sleeping puppy, and there are close-ups of Ireland and Jamaica. Lucky Karma is playing with a puppy through the x-pen and I thought you would enjoy seeing the results of puppies being raised by Noah, The Feline Puppy Nanny -- that is sweet Faith just sleeping next to Noah in the kitchen. Joan is in one picture getting a smooch.

What new skills will you develop today? Growth and change only happen when we move forward -- one paw in front of the other, getting up to try again after the latest attempt at a scamper sends us flying. Thanks for your visit and also your comments!


  1. What a fortuitous topic today. I spent ALL DAY yesterday struggling to put my first 'real' warp on a borrowed loom, convinced at several point that I would have to throw the whole thing away -- but I made it through to about step four. Today's the day to take it the rest of the way through -- a long job. but less daunting. Then I can start weaving!

    So I, too, am learning from the puppies (and their breeder).

    In answer to yesterday's question: if I had to choose, I'd say Jamaica and Ireland. If I really had to......

    Susan and Djinn
    with a foot of new snow last night, therefore happy dogs and unhappy cats

  2. P.S - Faith looks terrific. Congratulations, Galen.

    Susan and Djinn

  3. What a beautiful bunch! I look forward to logging on every day to hear about their adventures. It's amazing how they are all growing and becoming little dogs. One can't help but to laugh or smile with each tale. Mary-Ann, you and your crew are doing an amazing job raising the crew. Just wish I was closer to see them up and close :)

  4. Geneva tugs at my heart - I think it's the "nose thing" Also Jamaica as she is so smart and spunky!
    I won't even comment on the darling boys as they are not an option:(
    these puppies are sooo cobby - I just love it!

    Cindy H.