Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sociopath 2, Humans 0

Nicole has not seen hide nor hair of sociopath cat or his more normal brother. She has called several times asking if I am SURE they are in the house and I have told her that yes, they are in the Secret Headquarters, which although secret, is know to be in the laundry room. She has devised all kinds of clever traps but alas, the cats have eluded even her -- the Cat Whisperer. She is not ready to give up yet but is getting close -- as I said, sociopaths provide more adventure than any one really needs. I think Joan needs an orange cat, don't you? Of course, there is small problem of catching him in time to stick a bow on his head for Christmas.

I raced down to Utah because I am a witness in a trial so had to testify yesterday and maybe again today. It is an unsettling experience and time consuming and sad, since it involves a death of someone who did not need to die. So it is hard to feel like I can get myself back in the groove here, and that is why puppy visiting is delayed. The trial should be done today and that will be a relief.

The puppies could be on trial for negligent cuteness! They are interacting with Cadi and each other and us more and more. They march around Puppy Central like they own the place, with very little tipping over. Their eyes are all wide open and they are starting to resemble little dogs more and more.

Today's pictures -- most taken this morning -- are nice reflections of how incredibly adorable they are! Ireland and Jamaica are together in one -- Jamaica is sleeping and Ireland has her head up. Geneva is by Cadi's paw, and there is also a close-up of Jamaica. That is Sutton by Cadi's nose and Whitby is the puppy sitting by Cadi -- they can sit! Sutton and Hudson are sleeping together, one using the other for a pillow, and the puppies are on their backs are too cute but I am not sure who they are :)

I hope your day is free of trials of all kinds -- thanks for visiting us!


  1. I DO NOT need a cat, sociopath or otherwise!!! Can I be more clear about that?!? Poor Nicole, all that good intention and no one to spend it on. I'm sure Noah is not responsible for this! All of us here on H street are thinking about you and hoping the day finishes early for you. Meanwhile, we'll have dreams of puppies instead of sugar plum dancing in our heads!

  2. Have you tried looking INSIDE the boxsprings of the beds -I have had one make a TINY hole and crawl inside to be hidden for sometime!!!!

    Cindy H.

  3. ...or under an upholstered chair, same scenario.

    I've recently had to sit through an equally sad trial, and I've seen how - especially if they have not much else to go on - the lawyers try to demolish witnesses; it's not easy to be a good citizen.

    As the puppies get to look more like little dogs, they become even more appealing. Sigh.

    Susan and Djinn

  4. Good cat-hideout ideas! I had forgotten that my cat got under our mattress boxspring a few years ago . . . they are so sneaky those little kitties!

    M-A, I am sorry to hear about the trial. That sounds very draining on many levels. I do hope the trial ends in the direction you're hoping for . . .

    Take good care,

    Liz, Sam, Kiko (who's grandma said he will make a fabulous big brother after his frolicking with a Mastiff puppy yesterday), & Lilith the non-sociopath cat

  5. I am sorry your daughter could not locate the sociopath kitty - they sure can hide in some interesting places. I agree with the people that mentioned inside upholstered furniture. My cats never hide there but I used to own ferrets and they can hide REALLY well.

    The pictures are adorable - as they are every day.

    Cindy M