Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Penalty of Procrastination

Life inside a Puppy Bubble means that other things in life fall by the wayside -- like cleaning, for example. Well, except Puppy Central, which is always clean! Raising a litter well requires a level of commitment and dedication of time and energy that does not leave much space for other things, and so I have learned to (mostly) be okay with living serenely in the Puppy Bubble while most everything around me is in a bit of chaos.

There are some things I stay up on -- like walking the other dogs. I am obsessive about that and besides, tired dogs are easier to live with. Last night we assembled bags of baked goods and etc. for my husband's crew and colleagues so that got done (and yes, I did the baking!). My laptop gives me the ability to work and so I have been getting quite a bit of writing and other work done. But things are a mess around here and I owe people emails and etc. -- I really need a Personal Assistant and can you believe my husband refuses to do that?! Sometimes (often?) men are so unreasonable!

All this is to say that it is because of the puppies that I must (perish the thought) do last minute shopping this morning!! I should raise the price of the puppies for this huge sacrifice but no amount of money can compensate for the horror of having to shop on Christmas Eve. If only there were not so many people like me cramming the stores :(

Oh well -- at least I have the adorable puppies to make me smile! Hudson is in two pictures today -- one with Cadi and he is biting his foot in another. Whitby is also in a picture with Cadi and in a close-up. There is a close-up of Geneva -- she is a really cute puppy! And Toronto is biting one of his siblings in another picture. It is harder to get pictures now because they want to be in my lap -- not a bad problem to have, I know, and sure beats last minute shopping!

I hope your day is free of procrastinators like me! Thanks for visiting us today and check tomorrow for a special puppy surprise!


  1. Oh MA. Having to shop today is awful. I have to run out and get one last gift and I am dreading it. I was not much better though. I started on Friday and will finish today. The good thing is there are a lot of sales. . . so you save money by procrastinating!

    Keep images of puppies in your head while you deal with the grumpy people.


  2. Whoa! An admission from the Queen of the Last Minute that there's a problem with procrastination!! Ha! I've worked with Mary-Ann on many deadlines, and she really does her best work under the gun, so lucky the person for whom she is shopping today!

  3. Mary-Ann

    I just got home after a couple hours of work and some last minute shopping. There were great deals at LLBean and my hubby will be the proud owner of a new winter coat for his walks with the dogs.

    I hope you get home soon and are able to relax with puppy cuteness for the rest of the night. Thank you for the cute puppy pictures on this busy day.

    Cindy M & family

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