Monday, December 8, 2008

Leave Taking

As you can imagine, it is a busy and anxious morning as we prepare to pack up and head south to Salt Lake City for the winter break. The puppies are ready to go and will be riding in two little crates where Cadi can see them from her crate. We will stop twice during the trip, if all goes according to plan. It takes about eight hours to make this trip but we have a little snow today so it could be longer and then we will change our plans accordingly.

I know you would be disappointed if there were no pictures so here you go! Heidi came over last night and so she is in two pictures. There is a close-up of Toronto and also of Jamaica so you can see her eye is all the way open now. In fact, all of the puppies have eyeballs now! Jamaica is a camera hog because I see she is in another one as well -- that is her on her side. And then there is that really cute on of Cadi and a puppy in a rare moment when she is not licking someone :)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting.


  1. Safe travels M-A, Galen, and all at Puppy Central! I hope the weather cooperates with you all today . . .

    Kiko the pug sends snorts and kisses from his grandma's house (where he is having a blast!).

  2. Thanks for being so dedicated and posting new pics and editorials every day. Each day, I look forward to seeing their changes. Safe Travels!


  3. All wishes for a safe and event-free trip home. You will all be so glad to get there! With thanks for somehow having found the time to post this morning at the crack of dawn.

    I'm thinking about those puppies off in their own crates -- without Cadi at hadn for the first time, Might be a noisy trip, unless the motion of the car lulls them to sleep.

    All the Glitterati fans will, I'm sure, be thinking of you today as you journey.


    Susan and Djinn

  4. Mary Ann, Galen, Glitterati,
    There are so many reasons that I love
    this litter. Their heritage is fairly well known to me, with ancestors common to my first 2 Berners. Those 2 dogs were long lived, lovely all around dogs. Clearly, their caretakers are dedicated, caring, & funny too. There are other reasons I
    am drawn to this litter.
    It is all I can do to not sit up and beg for a puppy. It really is not the right time, although I have many rationalizations to counter that thought. :) Thanks for sharing the
    daily progress and for making me smile as I keep up on the litter and
    Cadi. Hope your trip was easy for all. Enjoy your break and your family. Jill Evans

  5. I am hoping you guys have all made it safe and sound and are settling in. I am looking forward to hearing about the adventure.

    Cindy M & family