Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kaibab's Giveaway

The Glitter Litter has added a new member -- Kaibab's Giveaway aka Karma.

I stopped last night in Barstow to get gas and walk Asia. I was just getting ready to leave when I notice a small cat under a car at the gas station. I am a total sucker for cats or dogs in scary places -- this is why we have our gray cat, Girly. I was at a dog show (also in California) and found Girly as a small kitten at a Greyhound station -- what was I supposed to do?! Leave a small kitten to get run over? That would be bad karma, and you just have to figure if Fate/God wanted the kitten run over, I would not be at that exact place at that exact time.

And so that is how I explain the fact that the extra crate in my car now contains one small gray and white cat. What was I to do?! Leave the cat at the gas station?! I think not. She ran up to me as if to ask what had taken me so long to get there! And the attendant at the gas station said she had been hanging around there for sometime. No houses were around and it was such a busy street -- and she was so glad to see me. Truly, what could I do?

Well, what I did was load her up and stop at the next PetSmart to buy a litterbox, food, a little bowl and a cuddly bed for her. Happily situated in her new traveling home, Karma has been model traveler and no trouble at all.

So, who wants a new cat?? Great with dogs, loves to ride in the car, and guaranteed to bring good karma. Hey -- Kaibab's Good Karma -- I get first dibs on that name!!!


  1. I want her but Vic threw an even bigger fit than when I mentioned a puppy!!!!

    Perhaps Kim could just send her UPS like Vic threatened to do with Girly :)

    Cindy H.

  2. Mary-Ann, you have a heart of gold! Karma is adorable. She is indeed blessed to have you as her little angel.

  3. She is adorable with a very nice kitty blaze.

    It looks like we should think good thoughts for you and Asia at 9:30 and 1:45. I can't believe there is no Asia photo on the AKC website.

  4. ah...the time changes that beseige us... I have been thinkig' about you and Asia... Not knowing how things went for the both of you.. but wishing & hoping for the best...

    I trust that you & Asia make it home safe & sound from the Eukanuba Invitational. I know you have miss your babies. "We" us, Kaibab lovers have missed you... :D

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Hugs & Love ~
    Marianne & Mieke