Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow, Luck, Karma, and Other Fun Things

I want to share a conversation that I had with Galen (aka Puppy Nanny) on the way to California. I was checking in with him and here is how the conversation went from my perspective:

Me: How are the puppies?
Galen: Fine but one just barfed!
Me: Oh NO!!!! Who was it?
Galen: He just barfed again -- like a real barf.
Me: Oh no!!! Does he seem okay? (thinking: should I go home? Are they all going to be sick and die?)

Here is how it went from Galen's perspective:

Me: How are the puppies?
Galen: Fine but one just barked!
Me: Oh NO!!!! Who was it?
Galen: He just barked again -- like a real bark.
Me: Oh no!!! Does he seem okay?
Galen: He's fine (thinking: my mother has really lost it!)

The puppies make all kinds of cute noises, which are less cute in the middle of the night. Last night I woke up to puppy protests and came out to the living room to find Cadi nursing four puppies outside the puppy pen and four upset and loud puppies inside the puppy pen. Yes, we had a break!

The puppies are getting top teeth -- the bottom teeth are there but not quite in yet. They are very playful and waddle over to the edge of the pen when they see a person or another dog. They are really, really cute puppies!!!! It is fun to just sit and hold them, and once I get my grading done today that is exactly what I plan to do.

Karma the cat has a new name -- Galen thinks we should call her Lucky. She is doing very well and I hope will soon have a new home (hint, hint). I did not want to take her home until she was checked for those kitty diseases that cannot be cured since I have other cats. And so I had dropped her at my vet (a 24 hour clinic) on my way home from California and she got all tuned up yesterday. She is spayed already, tested negative for bad stuff, and had a rabies vaccination so she is ready for a new family (hint hint again). I brought her home and she walked right in like she owned the place, and thought the dogs were all just fine -- Galen calls her Noah Version 2.0 ( a reference to our old diabetic Feline Puppy Nanny who did the same thing when we found him 12+ years ago).

When I went to get Lucky Karma I took a puppy stool sample as the probiotics have not gotten the puppy diarrhea completely under control. There was an overgrowth of bacteria and so I reluctantly put them on on amoxicillin. The vet said they only need it until the diarrhea stops and it looks better this morning so I suspect they will get the morning dose and that is it -- we will continue with the probiotic for a few days but two doses of amoxicillin look to be all that was needed. The diarrhea certainly has not hurt their weight gain -- they are round little things!

Today's pictures show you life around here. The puppies are very interactive and sweet with Cadi, as you can see. Sydney was enjoying nibbling on Galen's nose, and Lucky Karma was just waltzing around and checking everyone out!

The snow has started falling this morning here in Utah -- quite a contrast from two days ago in sunny southern California! I hope you have a bright day, no matter what the weather. Thanks for your visit!


  1. That conversation was very funny, even though I could tell what the outcome was going to be.

    Berners and cats seem to have a special relationship -- I just had a visiting Berner here for a few days, and the cats were totally unfazed (as was the Berner).

    I'm so glad Noah is still around -- I remember when your E litter was born, and you commented that perhaps that was the last litter he'd be able to 'mother.' Go Noah!

    Looks like you're in for a wonderful Winter break.

    Susan and Djinn

  2. Don't ya just love the way our words get twisted on telephones! Sounds like a conversation I would have :D

    The pictures are super today ~ (not that they are less any other day). Which puppy has its head on Cadi's leg? It looks like it might be sleeping or teething on her leg.

    Oh...I would love to snuggle with the Glitter bunch. Give them an extra kiss for me.