Monday, December 29, 2008

Something Different

I normally correct any little errors I see but today's Blog is a PowerPoint and a pain to change now that it is posted so ignore errors please! I hope you enjoy this...


  1. -sorry if this is a second comment-

    Mary-Ann -- I SO love this blog... I went back and re-read all about the flitter litter, too -- hours and hours up in smoke, but SO enjoyable! Cuteness is indeed a survival feature... One thing that puppies and kids have in common, for sure! I envy your calmness and find it something to emulate -- perhaps why I keep coming back, multiple times a day sometimes, for that extra encouragement to go with the flow... Thanks for sharing the puppy raising AND the life philosophy as you go along.

  2. Love the presentation today Mary-Ann

    There is a reason God made puppies cute - it makes the bites not hurt ; ) SOmething about those sweet eyes and cuddly nature allows us to endure ankle bites, hand bites, toe bites, etc.

    Good to see the puppies are enjoying all their visitors.

    Have a great day

    Cindy M & family