Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Utah Puppy Fans - Start Studying!

The pictures are so fun that I have to start with them! It was quite an adventure to try and get group shots and we were only somewhat successful, and that was because Galen was creative in his holding methods. So we have the four boys on blue and the four girls on pink. We then did pictures of just two at a time since that was easier. Jamaica and Ireland are together, and so are Sydney and Geneva. Look closely at the picture of just Jamaica -- her eye is opening! Hudson and Sutton are together, and so are Toronto and Whitby. The boys nicely demonstrated their beginning skills at play for the camera -- aren't they adorable??!!

I used to think that the eyes just suddenly popped open but, in fact, this happens over a period of days. Let’s track Jamaica’s eyes together – one started opening yesterday sometime. I will take a picture each night until her eyes are fully open so you can watch the progress.

In addition to eyes opening, the puppies are sometimes holding themselves in sitting positions and as I have mentioned, they are starting to stand. We call this stage, “The Age of the Drunken Dinosaurs”. Their big heads and small bodies resemble a dinosaur, and they lurch and stagger at first so we have a whelping box of intoxicated T-Rexes!

They are growing like little dinosaurs as well! I thought you might enjoy seeing their progress in that regard as well, so here they are in order of size (weight in ounces last evening):

Toronto: 55.3
Hudson: 52.55
Sydney: 51
Whitby: 50.75
Sutton: 45.6
Ireland: 44.2
Geneva: 41.65
Jamaica: 40.3

A typical weight gain in a day is three or four ounces!

Cadi’s blood work came back just fine!! Good news! The vet did recommend supplementing her with calcium, given that her values in that were in the middle range. I can give her a Tums or I can just add more dairy to her diet.

As some of you know, we do not wean puppies early so keeping Cadi in good shape is important. She is eating many times a day and eats a variety of foods, including two kinds of kibble, homemade food, and cooked chicken. Puppies will not be introduced to solid foods until six weeks, unless their weight gain slows or we have concerns for Cadi. The puppies will continue to nurse until they leave for their new homes, although by then will be eating three solid food meals a day.

There are many reasons we will be so happy to be in Utah for a few weeks, not the least of which is better internet speed. Perched on the side of a mountain as we are in Montana, we have satellite internet and it can be slow as dirt. Uploading blog pictures usually takes at least 20 minutes! Getting us all to Utah will be a challenge but once there we will enjoy all the luxuries, including fast internet, curbside recycling and garbage pick-up (we currently drive garbage a mile and recycling 25 miles!), and of course, a husband!!!!

I certainly hope your day is luxurious -- thanks for spending some of it with us!

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  1. Wow, I was trying to imagine what it would be like to open our eyes for the first time again -- I can't imagine how vivid everything must seem!

    M-A, just a food question -- what kinds of kibble do you feed?

    I am sending you all safe travel wishes and a nice homecoming in Utah! Kiko will be going on his first airplane ride EVER today as we fly down to Florida to stay with my mom. He'll be spending a month with his grandma while Sam and I are in Brazil for a few weeks, and I know he will enjoy the heck out of it!

    ~ Liz, Sam, Kiko the flying pug, and Lilith