Friday, December 19, 2008

Jamaica is the Scamper Winner

Jamaica waited for visitors and then performed the very first Glitter Litter scamper! She is one cute little girl :)

Last night the puppies met Cali, Armand, and Kate (their daughter). They also met Janet, although we did not get a picture of that, and Joan stopped by as well. Joan brought much needed newspapers and paper towels so that was very nice :) Cali, Armand and Kate brought lots of admiration for the puppies, which is also very appreciated! Janet stopped by to hitch a ride with Joan, but we were still glad to see her.

One thing that is striking about these puppies is their lack of legs -- they seem to barely clear the ground right now. So maybe it is more the large tummies but whatever it is, they are small tanks -- low and wide! Their eyes are darkening up nicely and they are a busy, curious little bunch. I am starting to put different things in their pen and it will soon be time for toys. I vacuumed yesterday and that did not seem to bother them a bit, and they really seemed to enjoy meeting new people.

Look at Whitby on top of the crate!! And Jamaica was having an argument with the Christmas tree while other puppies were getting cuddled. That is Hudson with Cadi -- doesn't he look like he is laughing?! Sydney is the one playing tug with the blanket -- they are really starting to look and act like dogs :)

I need to scamper off and get some things done but hope your day is filled with fun. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. That was my very thought when I looked at today's photos: they are really starting to look and act like little dogs! As for Jamaica: I bet she's The One!

    But they are all little wonders -- wish I could be one of your visitors.

    Susan and Djinn