Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sociopath Update, All About Jed

The sociopath cat remains at large but Nicole managed to capture his less evil brother. She had given up and was getting ready to leave when she got him on her last look around. She thinks the Secret Headquarters is in the dryer and so she plans to disassemble it today in hopes of capturing the future subject of the "free cat with puppy" giveaway.

Thank you for your ideas and encouragement in the capture of Joan's future cat and also the trial. The jury begins deliberations this morning so we will be hanging out at the Courthouse -- maybe I can get my papers graded! It has been a hectic and crazed week and so the house is a mess, I have put very little away, but the dogs are walked and the puppies are clean and happy so at least I can say that much this morning!

Jamaica is a little personality right now. She does laps around the puppy area, whines until she gets picked up, and is just a very engaging puppy. Remember that she was the first to open her eyes so she is likely just a little a head of everyone else. They are all really starting to emerge from their dark world and are more and more engaging. They still sleep most of the time because their growth is so incredible, but when awake they are interacting and watching -- so cute!

At the request of a couple of you, I asked Trish to write up something about Jed, the puppies' dad, so you could all get to know him better. Thanks to Trish for doing this and here is what she shares:

"For me, Jed is a gift – a gift from God. I chose his name long before he became part of our family because I thought it would be a nice name. I had imagined a nice big boy with a beautiful head named “Jed”.

In 2002, we sadly lost our 17.5 year old Border Collie, Theo. It became quite clear a few months afterwards that our berner, Eli, was lonely and that we wanted another dog. By then, Eli was 2 and I had enjoyed competing with him in obedience, tracking conformation. And so, I began my search for another dog that would be a wonderful addition to our family. I knew the search could take some time, but I didn’t think it would take 2 years. I remember getting frustrated in my research on more than one occasion, but I kept praying that God would help me find the right pedigree and the right breeder. I really hadn’t intended to buy a puppy from a foreign breeder either, but in looking for pedigree information for Eli, I visited the Rijkenspark website and sent an email to Karla to see if she had any information about the dogs in her pedigree that were also in Eli’s. She responded almost immediately with some information. While visiting her site I fell instantly in love with Barancourt, Jed’s father. He was everything I thought my ideal boy should be – a big beautiful head, body and bone – all male, yet gentleness in his expression. That he was doing so well in the show ring was not a surprise; Barancourt is a gorgeous dog.

My friendship with Karla grew quickly - she was very open and honest with me whenever I asked about her dogs and their temperaments and health. It wasn’t long before I asked her if she would consider placing a puppy with us. She agreed and sent me a detailed, 3-generation pedigree of Barancourt and her girl Genny. I was amazed and excited – I had never seen that kind of pedigree information and to be given this information so freely was a sign that my prayers were being answered. I loved the longevity in the pedigree, the overall hip and elbow results and that these dogs had been temperament tested. I loved the type and was excited at the possibility of a puppy from this combination.

A few months later, Genny was bred to Barancourt and 11 puppies were born. In July, 2004, I flew to Holland. With the help of my friend Wendy, we had narrowed my pick down to two boys from pictures Karla had sent. I would make the final decision when I went to Holland. But I really didn’t make the decision; it was Jed who picked me. During the first day and a half of being at Karla’s, I would go and play with the puppies but held off on making any kind of decision. Every time I went to the puppies, one puppy would be the first to reach me and lean up to greet me. Naturally, I would lean over and pick up the puppy and ask Karla, “Which puppy is this?” I really couldn’t tell them apart at that point, and she would always say, “that is #4 boy.” It became clear after evaluating the puppies and moving them around the yard that Jed wanted me to pick him – he followed me everywhere and when I stopped he stopped and stared at me and waited for my next move. He let me know that he was the one. I finally told Karla, “this is Jed.”

From the moment Jed arrived home things fell into place. Eli was glad to have a new friend in the house and the girls were excited to have a new puppy. I was thrilled because Jed was such an easy puppy – he never messed in the house, he never chewed on shoes or furniture, he slept through the night, he loved everyone he met and he enjoyed going everywhere with us. Puppy class was so much fun – he loved all the people and the other dogs and had to greet everyone. Everyone was just gaa gaa over him, too! What can I say, I fell madly in love.

Over the years, Jed has matured into a great dog. He has such an interesting personality and an easy going temperament. He loves to go through your legs with his nose up in the air ever so slightly, which is enough to lift you on your toes. If you are of the male persuasion, watch out! He loves to bury his head in your lap and snort and cuddle, or drape himself over your legs. He loves to sniff ears and he is a great snorer. Hiking in the woods or on the river in the winter is like Christmas to a kid – he just can’t get enough. Car rides are the ultimate treat and he likes to sit between the two front seats in our van and look out the front window. I secretly think he would like to drive! When I am going too fast he puts his paw up on my arm to let me know to take it easy. He has a cute way of whimpering in excitement when he sees someone he knows and hasn’t seen for a while, or when the drawer that holds all the dog collars and leashes is opened – gosh that can only mean one thing…. a walk!

The best thing about Jed, for me, is his temperament – it is just always so consistently gentle. I always tell people that Jed is a gentleman – a real gentle man. He is incredibly loving and kind. If I am having a bad day or am stressed, one look in his eyes and my troubles melt away. My husband says he is the most loving soul he has ever met. Our daughters call him “Jeddy Bear”. When I am working at home he comes upstairs to nap in the room and keep me company. Of course he is snoring, but even that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing he is near. When I get up to take a break he gets up and waits for me to go down the stairs first. He gets up whenever I enter the room and waits patiently as I serve him his meals. When we are out for a walk in the woods, he stays close by as if to protect me while Eli is off in the woods chasing squirrels. Jed must have been a “Rhett Butler” in another life (only much better looking)."

What a wonderful description!!! Thanks Trish!!!

Pictures -- Sydney upside down on Cassie's lap, Hudson laughing, close-ups of Sutton, ireland, Whitby nursing and I am not sure about the other one :) That is indeed long legged Zoey in saying, "hey" to her cousins!

Have a terrific day and thanks for visiting :)


  1. Wonderful description of Jed -- and of course it will remind most of us of our 'heart dogs' (for me, my Maggie).

    Seeing Zoey with the puppies is rather amazing. Seeing the puppies themselves is also amazing -- look what they've accomplished in just a handful of days!

    Susan and Djinn

  2. Thank you Trish, for sharing with us the journey you took finding Jed. He is an awesome male and like you said, an answer to prayer. :D

    Mary-Ann, do you weigh the puppies anymore? I am amazed at their growth rate. Cadi needs an award for producing the highly rated milk she gives her pups. Still should look into owning a patent on her milk, hee, hee.

    Zoey is thinking ..."I was this small not so long ago"...

    I wish I could visit and snuggle my face into that puppy fur and smell puppy breath. :D

  3. I love hearing about Jeddy Bear from Grammie Trish, and the serendipitous journey in finding one another! What a special guy, beautiful, loving, and well-loved, in so many ways!

    And Susan is right . . . Trish's heartfelt words are such a reminder of my Bentley Boo who crossed over the bridge earlier this year. Here's to you, little man.

    Btw . . . I just can't get over the incredible cute-ness of the upside down Sydney who looks like she is doing her first jane fonda workout!

    Liz, Sam, Kiko the great and relaxed companion, and Lily Cat

  4. You should take pictures of all of the puppies laying on someone upside down. What a good way to see all of their markings and their perfect little feet! And very cute too!