Monday, December 29, 2008


Sam and Liz are one of the Lucky Glitterati Families, and I asked them to share pictures of their holiday in Brazil. Liz sent these pictures (and descriptions) this morning from Brazil (isn't the internet grand?) -- it looks like they are having a bit too much fun! And Kiko, the many emotioned pug, seems to be having fun with grandma -- does grandma do berners?!

The pictures did not upload in order so consider it a mystery to match Liz's description to the correct picture!

1. I couldn't resist attaching one of Kiko, who is sleeping on his bed at his grandma's house
2. There is one of me and Sam drinking coconut water out of young green coconuts in front of the Senhor do Bonfim church (a famous cathedral) in Salvador, Brazil.
3. Me and Sam sitting at a restaurant drinking Chopp (draft beer) right on the beach watching the sunset
4. Sam with me, Sam's dad, Sam's aunt Marinalva, his cousin Alessandra at her condo that overlooks the beach
5. A beautiful presentation of a traditional meal in Salvador: Moqueca -- a stew made with fish, shrimp, octopus, coconut milk, spices, and red palm oil, a little bowl of farofa (cassava flour mixed with egg), a little bowl of rice, and a little bowl of Vatapa (paste made of shrimp, farofa, coconut milk). Salvador, Bahia (Salvador is the city, Bahia is the state) has a population of over 80% people from African descent, because when Portugal colonized Brazil this is where the ships of African slaves were taken. Today, the culture, food, music, art, and dancing are brimming and rich with African influence and history.
6. Another I couldn't resist: Grandma giving treats to her two grandson's, Kiko and my sister's Jack Russell (now called Parsons Russell I believe) named Chico.
7. I don't know if you can see this very well, but it is a photo of a Brazilian martial arts troup. The Brazilian martial art is called Capoeira (pronounced cap-wet-a) and it was created right here in Salvador. It was devised by African slaves who wanted to prepare and train for a revolt and it was made to look like dancing so that the slave masters could not detect that slaves were training in a very deadly form of martial art.
8. A photo of a very bright green iguana hanging out in a tree about three feet from our restaurant table. This restaurant was called Paraiso Tropical and its chef is world renowned and everything he serves comes directly from his orchards and gardens, which you can tour right at the restaurant.
9. Two giant sea turtles at the Tamar Projeto (Turtle Project) -- the Tamar Projeto has locations all around Brazil and its goal is to ensure the continuation of the species. The one we visited was at a very beautiful beach called Praia do Forte.
10. Me and Sam in the Pelourinho -- The Pelourinho is a very famous square in Salvador and all of the colonial-style architecture has been preserved. It used to be a place where African slaves were put into a stockade, but now serves as a center of African-influenced culture, food, and shopping. It's a beautiful place with an eerie history. It also houses the museum of the famous Bahaian novelist, Jorge Amado.
11. Sam lapping up the sun on the beautiful beach of Guarajuba. You can see the blue water behind him (which was very warm!).
12. Sam with his dad, his cousin Felipe, and his step-mom, Fatima at the Praia do Villas (Praia means beach).


  1. I am not sure what I am more jealous about - the awesome trip to Brazil or the fact that Liz and Sam are a Glitterati family!

  2. WOW! What a beautiful place. The scenery is beautiful and those sea turtles are so cool.

    It seems Kiko is enjoying his visit with Grandma as well... I am betting her future Glitterati grandpup will love it there as well.

    Thank you for sharing

    Cindy M & family

  3. Sam's gonna need some new tee shirts to go along with his "Pugs not drugs" attire - "BMDs not WMDs"? "It's BERNese, not Myanmarese"?

  4. Thanks M-A for posting our pictures and thanks Lynn, Cindy, and Joan for your comments!

    Yes, we feel pretty lucky to both be in Brazil and also to be a Glitterati Family! We can't even be upset about going back to Illinois in January because we will be hanging out with our new baby very soon after that!

    Joan, Sam loved your suggestions for a new shirt!

    And yes, Kiko is really enjoying his time at grandma's. Grandma is all ready for her new grandpuppy and bought us a BMD keychain and t-shirts, and I think part of our x-mas present when we get back from Brazil is going towards our Glitterati diggs!