Saturday, December 20, 2008


We tried to get the first stacked pictures of the puppies but the girls were asleep by the time we got to them and not cooperative -- we did get a nice stacked picture of Geneva (see above) but all the other girls just slid down on the table :)

So, what do think? Who is your favorite? (Remember to click on a picture to enlarge it)


  1. Well, they didn't have very far to slide! Round little things...

    Favourites??? Pretty had to choose, but I'm always partial to the girls

  2. Great pictures - maybe the girls will cooperate better tomorrow.

    As for my favorite.. on the boys side - I think Whitby has the most expressive face; hard to tell on the stacked photos - this age is tough to try to stack them since they all end up looking like they have roached backs.

    The girls side.... Geneva right now I think is my favorite!

    Who do you have help evaluate the pups to determine show quality and temperment test?

    Cindy M

    in snowy RI where Berners Odin & Greta are enjoying a rare 12" plus snow fall.

  3. Wow...I'll take 2 please :D

    WHITBY & Hudson are "talking" to me. They are ALL Boy! Toronto & Sutton are whispering to me.

    Maybe the girls will stay awake next time.

    Beautiful Pups!

  4. My fave is a toss up - You Go Girl Jamaica and Mr. Curious Whitby. I just loved the picture of Whitby ontop of the kennel and Ms. Jamaica being a day or so ahead of her sibs - You Go Girl!