Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Things are very well here at Puppy Central. The puppies seem to have recovered from their Dewclaw Drama as evidenced by no more moaning and normal weight gain. They are trying hard to stand up, which is so cute! They are very interactive (in a new puppy way) when held, and lick and nibble and try to suck. They are also better sleepers -- yippee!

I did not mention yesterday that the vet was very complimentary of both Cadi and her puppies. She noted Cadi's excellent disposition and how pretty she is. Cadi was busy checking out the RV that is the mobile clinic and saying hello while I was trying to make sure her famous wagging tail did not destroy anything! The vet even thought the puppies had such sweet temperament as they were snuggling and easy during the exams, and she noted how healthy they are :)

I found a hidden copy of the New York Times! This is great news as I also forget to bring home the newspapers that Heidi at work had so nicely saved for me! Heidi has a new picture from the Blog on her work computer almost every day and is a #1 puppy fan, although she reports still being very partial to the puppy from the F Litter known as Rosebud, now Zoey Rose. We normally do not allow visitors until three weeks but Heidi will be up to see the puppies this weekend before we leave. We will have a couple of other visitors as well, and will be getting ready for the Trek, so a busy weekend.

I have rented an SUV on a one-way rental so that we can have two vehicles to make the trip to Salt Lake on Monday. We will have four adult dogs, two small puppies, eight very small puppies and four cats -- plus stuff for an extended stay! Don't worry Kim -- Nicole will be keeping one of the orange cats for us, and maybe even both if she is feeling very nice! I think Kim is excited to have me home but is a little concerned about my entourage, which has grown considerably since I left in August!

I took a variety of close-ups for today's pictures and I hope you like them. It looks like the puppies' eyes are starting to have less seal and therefore should open soon -- probably in the next few days. Tonight I want to do group pictures -- the four boys and then the four girls -- so look for those tomorrow.

In the meantime, have a perfectly grand day and thanks for visiting us!


  1. This is hardly original, but the puppies are so sweet. The way they snuggle together, and their little fat sleek-seal bodies!

    Yes, that's quite the entourage, and I wait with bated breath for the report on the trip! Also to hear how Cadi's blood test turned out.

    What a nice morning greeting!

    Susan and Djinn

  2. MAry-Ann

    Those are fantastic sweet photos. I will look for any news on Cadi's blood tests and group photos will be sweet.

    Hope you had a great day.

    Cindy M

  3. Good luck to everyone as they make their first real "road trip" today. Drive safely.

    I find myself almost falling in love with these puppies in a way I didn't think could be possible from such a distance or over the Internet (gosh, is this how people find true love over the Internet?), but it seems I just can't help myself. The photos of their little faces are just so exquisite that I have this urge to want to kiss their little faces on my computer screen - I think I need some serious help!!