Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Perils of Motherhood

This morning I was sitting with Cadi and the Glitterati when I noticed drops of bright red blood. This was, as you might imagine, rather alarming. I looked around quickly to see if anyone looked injured but the puppies seemed fine and Cadi was walking around. I noticed more drops and determined they were from Cadi so I took her to the kitchen for an exam.

Now, this all relates to the puppies' latest skill -- they are big enough to nurse when Cadi is standing. This is a new thing for them and the smallest two have just mastered it so none are especially good at it. On one of Cadi's nipples were two puncture marks where clearly a puppy had bitten her, both were bleeding. My best guess is that since Cadi had just nursed some puppies standing up, someone was unstable and grabbed as s/he was started to tip over. It is impossible to suck and bite (try it!), and that is why it does not hurt a mother to nurse a baby with teeth. But puppies and babies do tend to bite at first and quickly get the message that biting is not a good choice.

My other girls would growl and get up when puppies bit them but Cadi -- being of a perfectly generous and kind disposition with not a hint of crossness in her -- has never uttered (uddered?) a peep at her babies who are clearly experimenting with their new chompers. So I was glad to find that the blood was not coming from something very serious but I feel badly for Cadi who is indeed experiencing the perils of motherhood -- all I can say is that at least she does not have to raise teenagers!!

In addition to being big enough to nurse balanced on their back legs, the puppies are now doing some semblance of running -- sort of a fast scamper. They are spinning and I hate to mention this because nobody will want her but Jamaica barks!! It is so cute -- she was barking at another puppy because she wanted to play. That Jamaica is one cute little girl -- and early barking is not a sign that she will forever bark :) Puppies are going to the potty area maybe 30 - 40% of the time now, which is excellent progress. I can confirm that their teeth are now capable of causing pain -- I have not bleed (yet) but those are some serious sharp teeth. And I have to say this again -- they are ADORABLE!!!

You do not need to take my word for this -- the pictures say it all. There is a close-up of Sydney, and one of Toronto playing tug with a toy. Sutton is playing with the colorful toy and there is one of Geneva laying down and looking so much like a big dog. Galen took the picture of Sydney and the bowl -- she had been chewing on Cadi's bowl and fell asleep, still attached to the bowl! There is a picture of a cute puppy pile, and then one that answers Kay and Sue's question about which puppy Kim favors right now -- that is Kim and Hudson (aka Tank); I am sure you will agree that they are both very handsome!

Can you even believe that 2008 is about over?! Puppies are like the new year -- a fresh, clean slate. They represent a chance for their new owners to start over, and make changes based on what they have learned from previous dogs. A new puppy and a new year are filled with hopes and dreams only imagined, and we have the privilege and opportunity to make those things come true. It is an exciting time of new beginnings -- and not too early for all of us to consider our goals for 2009 and if you are a future Glitterati owner, it is a perfect time to thoughtfully consider your goals for your special little puppy. No one arrives at the planned destination without knowing the plan!

Have a terrific day and thank you so much for visit :)


  1. It;s so good to "see " Kim!!!

    That is by far the CUTEST engagement picture I;ve ever seen!!!!
    The puppies get more adorable by the minute!!!


  2. I told you Jamaica is The One!

    The difference in the puppies is not just their size, or their fluffiness -- it's the increase in their consciousness, as shown in their expressions.

    And yes, everyone is VERY handsome.

    Speaking of the joys of motherhood: if you haven't yet seen this video, you might want to play it for Cadi:

    Susan and Djinn

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  4. An understandable choice Kim. Hudson is all boy. Not to mention he's darn right adorabale.

    Love the photo of Sydney sleeping in "action" w/mouth on the bowl. I wonder what she thought when she woke-up & her mouth was attached to the bowl...

    Poor Cadi, you are such a devoted, patient mom. Those kids will grow some legs soon. (although, I love the boxy-tank look) Cadi you deserve not only the Dairy Queen award, but the Mother-of-the Year award. Ladies, am I right - or am I right?? :D