Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Picture Perfect Afternoon

WOW! Look what I figured out! Kathy and Joan will be so happy to have the pictures explained :) The above is Sutton trying to make off with Bella's leash.

Okay, I have already admitted that Jamaica is a wee bit barky -- here she is standing on the porch and barking for reasons known only to her. Sigh.

This is Pugsly -- I mean Whitby. He has one seriously cute face!

Joan brought Bella to meet the puppies and here she is greeting Faith. Notice Faith's gray coat -- this is normal, although unusual. Her adult coat will be black -- this is a puppy coat thing. Bella is Faith's aunt because she is Halo's littermate.

This is Joan and Sutton.

Geneva is looking up at the camera and Jamaica took a break from talking to chew on a bush.

Elizabethanne brought her poodle, Chase, over to meet puppies -- here is Ireland saying hey! to Chase.

Okay, so she is a little vocal -- but look how cute Jamaica is!

But Sydney is also adorable -- and more quiet!

But Jamaica is so adorable and has so much personality -- decisions, decisions...

Hudson -- well, there is a reason we call him Rock Star.

The puppies had fun tormenting Chase. Their previously perfected rotation attack methods came in very handy as they were able to tag team. Luckily for Chase, he is significantly faster and more agile!

Here is Bella greeting her youngest cousins or whatever relationship they are :)

Toronto -- isn't he too cute?!

As you can see from the pictures, the puppies had a busy day yesterday. They met two dogs and spent time outside. Elizabethanne agrees this is a rather noisy litter but she blames Cadi for this attribute (if it is from Cadi, clearly it is an attribute). I know, of course, that the bark gene comes directly down from Ready, who is Cadi's great-grandfather; bad weather and bad luck can also be blamed on Ready ;)

The puppies did great with the two dogs. They were playful and curious, and are starting to trot and run. Jamaica fancies herself a border collie and tried to nip at Chase's heels but he was too fast for her. Bella was not sure what to think about all her small relatives but was a good sport, which is a good thing-- she will soon have a Glitterati boy sharing her home (and tormenting her, no doubt).

I hope your day is picture perfect! Happy New Year from us and be safe if you are celebrating (or even if you are not!). Thanks for your visit.


  1. Mary-Ann, I love reading your comments with the actual pictures. I am so glad you figured that out, and these sure are some seriously cute puppies! I'm sure they got that from Cadi.

  2. See, it isn't just me and Cathy who had trouble remembering what your writing said by the time we scrolled back up to the photos! Yes, I am getting a little old, but thanks to adaptations, such as you've done for us, I have lots of productive years left!! Cute, cute, cute.

  3. Oops - Kathy with a K. See??!!?

  4. The bark gene, eh? I'm quite familiar with it.

    Most of my dogs have given me a clue about WHY they're barking -- they go and stand by the door if they want to go out, or by their food dish if they think I've forgotten to feed them. But Djinn -- sigh. She just stands in the middle of the room, and barks. Loud. Often for no perceptible reason. With such force that when she was little, her front feet would rise off the ground.

    Does she still do that? Yes, but now I can interpret the variations in her bark, so I know when to tell her to stuff it and when to rush her outside.

    Wish I could be there to hear Jamaica!

    Susan and Djinn