Friday, October 31, 2008

The Faces of the F Litter


  1. 1. Peaches (Sula)
    2. Ledger
    3. Madison
    4. Dawson
    5. Kinsey
    6. Lolo-Faith
    7. Rosebud
    8. Darby

    That was tough! Sneaky trying to trick us with that tongue picture. Love, love that picture of No. 2 puppy. What is he going to say? Excellent news about Faith!

  2. Yippee to Brin, Eli, Noah and Aristotle!

    Madison is such a cutie! Sounds like she will have a full life!

    So cute, she was the whole box of peaches!


  3. Congrats to Brin and her family, and to Madison!! Sounds like a great match and we send our happiest wishes to you all . . .

    Also, great news about Faith's health! Woo hoo!

    ~ Liz, Sam, Kiko the pug, & Lilith the cat

  4. Brin, Congrats on such an awesome addition to your wonderful family. Your Berner is gonna be very active! I second the Christmas morning feeling, I also got in touch with M-A back in July. And to M-A, best of luck wrapping up Montana sounds like you have a two more days of real chaos!! Safe travels for all tomorrow and through the weekend.
    PS Great to hear Faith got a positive report.

  5. Thanks for all your kind wishes! John, I love the name Homer, in fact, we considered it, too. Madison will now be called Duchess, which is very fitting for her. I think she looks downright regal!

    I realized that day light saving time ends this weekend, which means I'll have to wait an entire hour more before we can pick Duchess up on Sunday!

    Great news about Faith! I think everyone's prayers have been heard.

    God speed as you all travel from distant reaches to your new treasure in Salt Lake!


  6. Congratulations to all of you and your new babies! Also, great news about Faith (I will have a hard time not thinking of her as Lolo...that's such a cute name for such a sweetie!). Good luck with the trip and I wish I could be at the puppy party!

  7. Hi and Congrats to everyone on their puppies. Megan and I are looking forward to meeting all of you this weekend. We have been a little busy with Halloween and taking care of Maverick. He looks like Frankendog after having a small surgery to remove an abcess from the back of his neck. I can't wait to get on the plane and take a deep breath.

    Marti and Megan and Matt, Molly, Randy, Maverick and Fiona who are all waiting to meet the new addition