Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Tough Problem to Have

I know you are unlikely to have any sympathy for my problem but I am having a hard time getting pictures done today. I have the nice camera (thanks to Terri) and certainly the subjects but when I sit down to take pictures all eight puppies climb on me - I cannot take pictures when they are on my lap! And are they ever sneaky! As I sit in the big pile of fluffy puppies one takes advantage of my distraction and chews on my toe and when I go to disengage that one, another takes a hunk out of my leg – ouch! This is dangerous work!

I wish you could have seen the puppies earlier. I was sitting here at the computer and looked over to see Lolo walking around proudly with the toy in her mouth and three sets of puppy wrestling matches going on. Kim needs to be here to referee these matches as I get confused about how many points to give for take downs and pins ☺

I could not resist and so went in (with camera) to sit with them, abandoning my computer. I was instantly mobbed and all the cute photo opportunities were in my lap. Oh well – I know there are worse problems to have! I did manage to get some pictures and I hope you enjoy them. We have close-ups of Madison, Ledger (lots of white with a toy), Dawson (lots of white, no toy), and Sula (dark, with a toy). In the picture of Madison you can really see how they are getting fluffy, and hopefully you are also seeing how the eyes are darkening up. (Don’t forget to double-click on a picture to enlarge it). We have two puppies taking a break from the wrestling match, and a picture of all eight trying to nurse – notice there is a puppy on top of Halo and the pile! Finally, there is a picture of Lolo that I meant to include yesterday.

We are having more visitors this weekend! Another one of our kids, Jake, is flying in from Utah tonight to spend a couple of days with us. And tomorrow evening Terri from Portland arrives; Terri is the one who has lent me the camera while mine is being repaired. Tomorrow afternoon we are having three local people stop by to visit so a full weekend. I am glad to have today to try and get the house somewhat in order, although I know nobody cares about the house when there are puppies involved.

Please enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting us – in person visits are even more fun!


  1. Poor Mary-Anne, being mugged by puppies! I love that. I miss the smell of puppy breath and the sweet smell of the tops of their heads! The pictures are beautiful, Madison's face is just so beautiful.

    Are Lolo and Darby still in the Nursing Protection Program? Is Halo still being the perfectly angelic mom and nursing round the clock happily? I am really missing the puppies!


  2. Thanks as always for the great photos! How are the pups weighing in these days?