Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life: Blessings and Uncertainties

First of all, I want to congratulate Joan on her new kitten! I am certain he will fit right into your family - what will you be calling He-Who-Eats-Birds?

The puppies are doing well. Rosebud is one VERY bold puppy but all of them are confident, happy little souls. Galen and I both took pictures last night of the puppies' outdoor adventure. They started off with a picnic, as you can see by the picture of all eight nursing. And then it was off to explore -- Rosebud is looking up and sticking her tongue out at Halo, and the other tongue picture is Kinsey. Oh, there is a third tongue picture -- what rude puppies! That is Ledger in the two pictures in pine needles. Rosebud has the pine needles in her mouth, and Darby is checking out the pine cone. I am not in many pictures but there are two of me with three puppies, including one in which Madison is giving me a kiss. The profile is Ledger -- can you tell Galen took some of these pictures?!

I wanted to share with you that I have concerns about Lolo and have decided not to place her in a new home at this time. Although she has gained weight well and is doing "normal" things, she has some physical characteristics that concern me and she is not as active as the other puppies. We will be doing some testing on her soon and assessing whether there is something amiss with her. If she turns out to be okay, we will find her a wonderful home but if there are any issues or unresolved concerns, she will live with us.

It is sad to think that one of our puppies might have problems and not be able to live the life we would want for her, but we are committed to making certain that Lolo has a wonderful life that is exactly right for her. I am again I am reminded of the constant sorrow/joy that is this life.

Although perhaps not all of us can be blessed with the joy of a new life as Joan has (!), I hope your day is a wonderful and happy one none-the-less.


  1. Mary-Ann - give Lolo a hug all the way from Chicago and some good growing karma from Tobie and Monty. I hope that after the puppies leave, you'll continue to update us on Lolo.

  2. Little Lolo, what a sweetie. Please do keep us apprised of her health and development. And please let me correct you - the congratulations go to Galen, as I will bring his new kitten to Montana this weekend. Or maybe little kitty should go to Megan, because he is a bold little kitten, as Rosebud is a bold pup! I'll leave it up to Megan and Galen to duke it out, and either way I'll bring him to Montana, OK?

  3. I'm hoping little Lolo will be just fine, although you are probably wise to have her checked out more thoroughly. I'm betting she will be just fine, not a show dog and maybe a little slower than her siblings, but just fine. She will make some household very happy whether yours on another. I like forward to seeing her in November.

  4. All our best hopes are with Lolo. I think it shows your integrity as breeder that you are so open about your concerns for her. Thank you

  5. I agree with all the sentiments expressed for Lolo. She has been a real trooper so far, and I bet she will continue to be. We are heartened to hear that you have made the choice to keep her for now. I think it really does speak to your integrity as a breeder, as was already stated. We are counting the days until we get to see all of the puppies in person!!!

    Give Lolo some extra love from Brin, Eli, Noah, Aristotle, and Cindy (my mom!).

  6. I am saddened to hear about Lolo and am sending hugs and healing her way . . . however I can't imagine a better place or home for her to be right now. Do take good care, little Lolo.

    ~ Liz
    in Urbana, Illinois