Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Price of Admission

Last night Heidi brought her husband and friend up to see the puppies. The price of admission was a stick of butter, since we ran out and it is seven miles to a store – thanks, Heidi, for the butter!

The puppies were happy to see Heidi and meet her husband, as you can see in the pictures. I also have some sleepy pictures from this morning. That is Lolo using the toy Terri made for them as a pillow. Dawson is in two pictures – one in his usual mode and the other so you can see him without his tongue out! Sue – are you sure your name is not on that puppy?!

Sula is using the fleece as a pillow and Rosebud is opening sleepy eyes to look at me. The other puppies were on my lap biting me, the camera strap, my hair and in all other ways trying to make it hard for me ☺

Answers to the Name the Puppies – Lolo, Darby, Darby, Kinsey, Ledger and Sula (look for those two dark toes on the right front foot).

Worming – the recommendations for frequent worming are for all puppies raised in all kinds of situations. Such a blanket protocol does not seem to fit puppies raised in the house from a mother who is an inside dog and well cared for. On the other hand, they are dogs and eat things we will not discuss. And so okay – I can see they might need to be wormed but not at the same level as dogs/puppies kept in other kinds of situations. Worming once at seven weeks seems fine, and if their new vet really wants to do it one more time I guess that is okay. My puppies (Lolo and ???) will not be wormed again.

Lolo did not do well after the worming – she threw up repeatedly and would not eat for about 12 hours. In hindsight, I should have not wormed her given that we do not know what is going on with her just yet. I do not plan to vaccinate Lolo until I have more information about her health.

We have a fun weekend planned. Cassie from Salt Lake arrives on Friday night and will stay with us until Sunday. She has never spent time at Puppy Central so Cassie – earplugs and protective clothing! On Saturday we are taking the puppies on a field trip to be formally evaluated. We will videotape this process so I can finally see what I need to – right now the puppies follow me all over so I cannot get a good look at how they move.

Vicky from Bozeman is driving over to see puppies and come to the evaluation. And Jennifer and her family are arriving on Saturday afternoon from Eastern Oregon. So we will increase our numbers of new visitors this weekend and get in a short car ride! Our new people count is now up to 28 so we are making progress.

I appreciate your comments and encouragement - moving, a new job, a litter of eight, no husband or friends around, and seven miles to butter is sometimes a lot, as you can probably imagine; it is nice to know you are out there! Have a wonderful day.


  1. The nice thing about having cyber friends is that they csn be a scattered across time zones. That way, chances are you can find someone at a computer when you feel lonely. Give Dawson a snuggle for me. I KNEW that was him as soon as I saw the picture.

  2. M-A, I often find myself wondering how you juggle a new faculty position, raising puppies, and the transition to a new place all at once. You make it appear quite seamless from your blog at least . . . There's probably not much time for self-care at Puppy Central, but I'm sending some wishes your way. Hope you have a great weekend videotaping the puppies and making your way towards that Big Decision!

    ~ Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois