Monday, October 13, 2008

Mark Your Calendar Now!

The puppies have had a busy morning! They had three breakfasts and several sessions of play but the big adventure was walks. I took two puppies at a time outside for a morning walk around the driveway. I rewarded with tiny pieces of cheese when puppies stayed close or came to me when I called them. It was an excellent way to assess their reactions to a new place -- none had been that far up the driveway before. They all had a lot of fun and did very well, and then they all took a long nap! We are planning an afternoon session outside today as the weather is quite nice - check later for more pictures.

Today's pictures are a fun glimpse of life here at Puppy Central. We have Rosebud attempting an escape from the whelping box. Halo is nursing puppies and it is Sula sitting up in that group. After one play session we had a very cute puppy pile of seven -- one puppy was fast asleep in the crate so is not in the picture. Close-ups today are Darby, Kinsey and Ledger. Lolo is busy chewing on the spoon, and I think it is Darby chewing on my toe!

Utah puppy fans -- we are arriving in Salt Lake City on November 1, likely in late afternoon. I will have all eight puppies with me and so I thought a Puppy Party would be in order -- maybe at 7 p.m. at my Salt Lake City house? The puppies will start leaving for their new homes the next day so I hope you can make it - and anyone else who wants to come is welcome! I think that party will help us get to the 100 new people mark so please come if you can!

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  1. A Puppy Party!!! We wouldn't miss it for the world.

    I bet the puppies love their daily adventures outside. About how much walking can those little legs do before they poop out? Do they walk on a lead at all? If not, when does that kind of training begin?

    Have a great day! I can't wait to see all of the puppies in person!