Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Underdog!

This morning Lolo, tail up and stiff legged, walked menacingly over to another puppy and attacked – and Lolo got the take down and pin! As I have said, I am not sure how many points that is, but she clearly won that particular match. Lolo may be a lightweight but she is not a wimp!

The puppies are so wonderful and happy. Last night Galen remarked that Sula could motor a boat with her tail – she is always wagging. They loved the visitors (they are up to 19 people now!), and I am not seeing any puppy that seems insecure or shy. They are curious and confident puppies who love sitting in laps. I will ask Terri, visiting from Portland, to provide a Guest Report later today after she has spent the day with the puppies.

I promised we would report weights and so here we go (in ounces):

Rosebud: 108.8
Ledger: 99.85
Madison: 96
Kinsey: 94.1
Sula: 92.25 (wagging too hard to get an accurate reading!)
Darby: 93.5
Dawson 93.1
Lolo: 67.1

I am really happy that the Nursing Protection Plan worked so well with Darby – she gained 19 ounces in one week! Lolo gained 14!

Let’s look at the numbers in a different way. All of the puppies except Lolo have increased their birth weight about five times (range is 4.75 – 5.5). Lolo has increased her birth weight 10.3 times! What a little champ! Clearly the Nursing Protection Program has been a benefit to Lolo, and I am not sure she would have survived without it.

I hope you enjoy today's pictures. Kinsey is one of the close-ups. Madison is biting Noah, and Sula is in the frying pan (aka not easily tipped water bowl). Rosebud is the one practicing her excellent down, and we have puppies playing and loving visitors.

I challenge you to look for the Lolo in your day – it feels good to help the underdog ☺


  1. What a great set of pictures from over the weekend. It looks like the puppies know how to have a good time. It's great to be able to start the week off by catching up on the puppies' weekend adventures. Thanks, Mary-Ann.


  2. M-A,

    Is spent a little time in Pets Mart today. For the first time in 6 months! I bought my first puppy toy!! Oh the excitement.