Monday, October 20, 2008

Sticks, Names and Happy Birthday

Where to start?! I love today’s pictures so let me start there. I bet you thought I was kidding when I mentioned that Rosebud fancies herself a Superhero – well, take a look at that leaping puppy! Yes, that would be Super Rosebud launching herself at some unsuspecting sibling – that puppy loves to fly.

Today’s puppies were sponsored by the Montana Stick Moving Company. You can see Sula moving what amounts to a puppy log, and Rosebud and Madison are also featured with sticks. Dawson tried to steal Rosebud’s stick but she took off with it, so he discovered an old round thermometer and was proudly carrying that instead.

Rosebud is sitting in the pine needles and Lolo is the other sitting puppy. We have some sweet close-ups of Sula (looking left, small amount of pink on right side of her nose), Kinsey (also looking left but looking more down), Darby (straight into the camera), and Ledger (looking right). The standing puppy is Dawson. Don’t the puppies just get cuter?!

Okay, let’s talk about names. This litter is the F Litter and so all puppies have to be named Kaibab’s F_______________. The name the puppy is called can be anything, but the registered name has to follow that format. The AKC has a limit on how long the name can be -- it is something like 28 letters/spaces.

I like call names that are somehow cleverly connected to the registered name – Halo’s registered name is Kaibab’s Bright Angel. However, that is a suggestion and people do not have to do that – it is just fun.

I want to add an additional requirement to the registered name, and I do so in honor of Zack, the litter’s dad who died recently. I want each puppy’s registered name to include a “z” someplace – it can be in place of an “s” as in Fall Colorz or part of a word, as in Kaibab’s Fuzzy Peach.

I love to think about names and invite you to share ideas in the comments section or by sending me an email: Do you have any ideas for registered names based on the call names the puppies already have? Remember, all puppies are named after towns in Montana – yes, even Lolo! Be creative and let’s generate some ideas for those lucky people who are taking a puppy home!

And speaking of that, I was thinking that it is time to start meeting the new puppy owners. What would you like to know about them? Let me know and I will pass it along and ask each to provide an intro we can post over the next 10 days or so.

Finally – HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALO!!!! Yes, today is Halo’s sixth birthday so we wish her and her littermates a very happy day.

Thanks for your continued interest and support, and have a delightfully fun Monday!


  1. How about Kaibab's Fuzzy Rainbow for Lolo. That came from the rainbow someone saw while driving through Lolo Gorge not too long ago.

  2. If Sula is more friendly with people than dear Cruiser was then heaven help the new owners! I would love to know them...
    Perhaps Rosebud's name should include the word Flamboyant.
    "Fall Colors" is perfect for the season - do we know who will get this name yet??
    Cindy H.

  3. How about Kaibab's Falling Leaves (maybe with a 'z')? Or Kaibab's Festival of Lightz? Here are some random words and phrases that maybe you could make something out of: Flint Creek (location in Montana); Flathead Valley (location in Montana); Fantasy or Fantasia; Fiery or Fire; Foxy; Feathers; Fortune; Fabulous; Fables; Faith or Faithful; Falcon; Fountain; Fascination; Felicity . . . ok i'll try to think of more. :)

    ~ Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois

  4. What a cute bunch of pictures from the weekend! I love the names suggested so far. It sounds like Sula's name should have a "friendly" at the beginning, and maybe Lolo's should start with "featherweight." I can't wait to hear what others come up with.

    Hope everyone has a 'Fantastic' day!

  5. clip from an email I sent to Mary-Ann...

    The one that makes me smile most is Kaibab's Fuzzy Peach! Potey's 18 year old daughter came up with that one after I told her about the peaches and your suggestion to call my pup Peaches, which I am seriously considering! In my tradition of naming my berners after mountains I'm having a hard time finding another mountain name that isn't totally overused as a dog name (i.e. Denali or Cascade) that I like, and I've searched for Oregon, Utah and Montana mountain names that start with F with not much luck.

    Others that are peach related for my peach of a pup: fresh peach, fancy peach, fan of peaches, feast of peaches, fragrant peach;

    non peach names or leaders to names: falling star, fantasia, fantastic, farkleberry (!!! yes there is such a thing, it was in the dictionary!), fascinating, fauna, flora, favorite, feisty, felicific (meaning producing happiness!), felicity, fur-ific (!), festive, festooned, fetch, fetching, fete, flirt, finesse, first edition, flamboyant, flash, fleurs-de-lis, flirt, flossy, flower, fluffy, footprint, forever, fortuitous, fortunate, fountain of..., four-leaf clover, free-wheeling or any other free- word, friend, frolicking, full-fledged, full-strength, full-tilt, fun, funny, funky, furry, future, fuzzy... yes, I scanned the F section of the dictionary!!!

  6. In keeping with your suggestion that all names contain a "z" and are "cleverly" linked to registered names - here's a few possibilities ...

    -Kaibab’s Fortunez Record
    -Kaibab’s Foxy Miss Zula
    -Kaibab’s Field of Flowerz
    -Kaibab’s Fleurz-de-lis
    Madison (Montana town AND river)
    -Kaibab’s Fancy Rapidz
    -Kaibab’s Fuzzy Lightweight
    Darby (best known for Logger Days)
    -Kaibab’s Flighty Loggerz

  7. First off Happy Birthday to Halo. I show everyone shots of her so they get a good idea how beautiful these little puppies grow up to be! I hope she gets a special treat today.

    So I have been giving this name a lot of thought since I got an email from M-A last week. Today she threw in the z! But I think I can go with something like this: Kaibab's Friscoz Peak One Angel or Star. To tie into Halos registered name. I plan to use Friscoz because this is the beautiful Colorado town I have lived in for 10 years and will be the pups home. I also live right under the towering Peak One of the 10 mile range! Any suggestions?


    PS To Olivia Luca there is a beautiful peak near me here in Colorado called Fletcher Mountain.

  8. Great pictures today. I love the action shot of Rosebud - there certainly seems to be agility potential in her future!

    I am not very creative when it comes to thinking of names but this is what I came up with:

    Kaibab's Forever and Alwayz
    Kaibab's For Keepz