Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Sunday!

We had a better night last night and so the puppies are back in my good graces. Who could stay annoyed at such adorable faces??!!

The puppies are wonderful. This morning I bent over to pet someone and Rosebud launched herself at me like she was a Superhero and could fly. Rosebud likes to jump and does it a lot. Sula was SO happy that we had more visitors this morning! This puppy could be the friendliest puppy I have ever had -- she just really loves people. Kinsey can climb to the top of the x-pen. You may recall that she was the first to figure out how to escape from the whelping box and now she is climbing - she needs a home with a very secure yard! Earlier Galen was commenting on what a tank Dawson is -- he is like a low to the ground Mack truck! Lolo is doing very well -- I think all of your good thoughts are working. Darby -- besides Lolo -- is the least pushy puppy. While the others are jumping up to get picked up (even Lolo) Darby hangs back, patiently waiting for her turn. Ledger is just as sweet as can be.

We weighed the puppies this morning! Rosebud and Sula are now officially too heavy for the scale so likely weigh about 8.5 - 9 pounds. All of the other puppies are between 7.8 and 8 pounds except Lolo, who is now SIX POUNDS!! At birth she ws 50% of the puppy closest in weight to her; now she is 75% of that puppy's weight!

Our favorite vet tech, Shelby, came by this morning with her son, Carter. We wormed the puppies for the first time -- this is something I hate to do so I delay and only do it one time. My resistance to early and often worming has never caused an issue so I do the same thing with each litter -- basically ignore the recommended protocol and stall, and then worm late and once.

Carter is holding Bad Manners Dawson in one picture -- but you knew that, didn't you?? In the other picture he has Sula. I have close-ups of Madison (with the spoon), Rosebud (most pink on her nose), Dawson, Ledger, Sula and a sleeping Lolo.

I hope your fall weather is as lovely as ours is today. In honor of the season, one of the names I like for a puppy is Kaibab's Fall Colors with a call name of Oaklea -- but we will talk more about names tomorrow!

Thanks for checking in!


  1. beatiful, fantastic and fantastic! Lovely dogs. give them hello from Portugal

  2. so cute!!...
    i loved the pics from your puppies!!

  3. So does this mean you'll be sharing with us which puppy you'll be keeping (besides Little Lolo)? I'm so curious to know who will get that beautiful name . . .

    Also I'm curious about the de-worming process . . . I imagine you have a good reason for not de-worming twice. What are the downsides to de-worming too much, same as vaccinating too much?

    ~ Liz A.
    Urbana, Illinois

  4. Glad you're having a better day!

    Now that you're thinking about which puppies go to which homes, could you give us some sense of how you choose? Do you temperament test --and if so, how?

    The puppies are wonderful, your stories are wonderful, and the photos are terrific.