Sunday, October 26, 2008

Part Two At Last!

Saturday completely got away from us. The puppy evals took two hours and when we arrived home Jennifer, Ralph and their son had just arrived. They had driven all the way from Eastern Oregon to meet us and hang out with puppies! So we did that and when they left Galen stayed with the very tired puppies while Cassie and I had dinner with some of Cassie’s family who live nearby. We arrived home late and as usual it was an early, messy morning here at Puppy Central. I drove Cassie to the airport at noon and then Galen and I worked on pictures and more video. The puppies are sacked out again, tired from their outside play time.

The puppy evaluations went very well. We drove all eight in two crates over the evaluator’s (“Susan”) house. We put them in a large puppy pen and Kinsey was soon walking on a plank 16 inches off the ground! All of the puppies had fun playing on the various toys and hanging out in the two dog houses.

We first just watched them move around freely in the pen and then began the process of looking at each individually. The first step was for Susan to look at each one on the grooming table, stacked like a show dog. I have practiced this quite a bit with the puppies and so they were good. She felt their angles and looked at how they were put together The second part to take the puppy over to the driveway and I had the puppy trot forward and back, and then across so that Susan could see the puppy’s movement. Susan noted both structure and temperament.

There were not any big surprises for me but it was very nice to have Susan confirm some of my observations. I am still collecting opinions so am not ready to share much more about the evaluations – except that I am very happy with the litter ☺

Galen is working on getting videos on YouTube so I will let you know about that tomorrow.

I just have a few pictures to share – we will get lots posted tomorrow to make up for the scarcity today! We have Cassie in two pictures, including one in which she is holding Dawson and Rosebud. We have Jennifer’s son with his favorite puppy, Ledger; we also have Jennifer’s family in a picture. I was sitting at the computer this morning and heard a funny noise so turned around to see a puppy sleeping in the water bowl. Her one nostril was partially submerged and so when she would exhale she was blowing bubbles!!! There is a picture of that – does that even look comfortable to you?! And then there is a group with Sula looking at the camera.

Thanks to Jennifer and Ralph for coming to visit us, and to Cassie for visiting and filming the puppy evals. The puppies have now met 34 new people!

I hope your weekend is going well!

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  1. Hi M-A

    You sure are staying really busy. Glad the evals went smooth and looking forward to maybe seeing some video. How am I going to get through this week? It might be one of the longest of my life!! Thanks as always for the update.