Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Missing: My Mind

Have you seen my mind? I apparently have lost it. In the middle of raising the F Litter, we created the G Litter -- let me explain. As you may recall, the Puppy Nanny has decided to start college in January. I have no idea why he would want to go to college when he can sit home, cuddle puppies and watch television but apparently he has his sights set higher -- someday he wants to go to medical school! What a disappointment -- why not veterinary school?! That would be so much more useful!But you know how kids are -- they have minds of their own -- and so my Puppy Nanny is resigning his position effective the end of January.

I know some people raise litters without 24/7 supervision but I am not one of those people and so I was presented with a dilemma -- breed Cadi now while I still had the Puppy Nanny or wait until Kim is here in Montana (16+ months and counting). Cadi is already three and so in a momemt of sleep deprived stupidity I adopted the Nike motto (Just Do It).

You may be wondering if you missed some posts about a trip to breed Cadi -- nope -- this will be yet another Virgin Birth. In the middle of puppy madness, Cadi was taken to have progesterone tests done over severals days and feverish arrangements were finalized and when the time was right, the fish were flown in via overnight express from New Brunswick, Canada. Cadi and I drove to the airport to retrieve the flying fish and then Cadi took a nap at the vet and woke up pregnant -- she was surgically inseminated. Yesterday Cadi had an ultrasound and her pregnancy is confirmed -- she will be having puppies on/about November 20. I sure hope Joan can get away from her new kitten to come up and be the Puppy Midwife!

Salt Lake Puppy Fans -- you know what this means? We will be arriving in Utah for almost six weeks on/about December 12! Our Puppy Parties can resume! The Puppy Nanny will only have to help out for three weeks or so and then I will be on my holiday break and can raise the puppies in Utah -- we will hit 100 people before those puppies are in Utah for 24 hours! Just kidding -- but only sort of!

Okay -- that is the G for Got-to-be-Kidding Litter story but let's refocus on our F Litter babies. Thanks for your good thoughts for Lolo. I spoke with an Internal Medicine Veterinary Specialist today about Lolo. He does not believe an ultrasound would be useful at this time, and recommends Lolo have a thorough vet check and blood work so those things are scheduled. Lolo plays and acts quite age appropriate -- just not with the gusto of her siblings. She has small eyes, an overbite and a rounded head -- these are the characteristics that concern me. She is perfectly sweet, wags her tail, follows us around, bites our noses and eats well -- she is just different in activity level and appearance.

Galen has always had a soft spot for Lolo and he looks out for her. Last evening we were eating dinner and he heard Lolo crying so he went over to the puppy area and rescued Lolo from another puppy, and sternly told that puppy, "you go pick on somebody your own size!" It was pretty funny -- and sweet.

Lolo is in one of the pictures -- she is the sitting puppy. Galen took a picture of the eight puppies following me as we left the house for our outdoor adventure. We have to have our daily rude puppy, and today's winner is Madison. There are three pictures of Madison -- she is the puppy sticking out her tongue, sitting in the plant, and looking up with her tail up. In that picture she was playing with Galen so is all cute and alert. Dawson is the puppy going over the piece of wood, and Kinsey is carrying the pine cone. Carrying pine cones is a favorite activity of several puppies but they usually are running the other way with them, which gives me pictures of puppy bums -- not quite as cute as puppies with pine cones! Rosebud is the profile, Sula is the laughing puppy and there are two of Darby -- one is with a rock and she is standing in the other one.

I hope you have a splendid day and if you find my mind, please sent it back -- I need it!


  1. I love the puppy pine cones pics!
    too cute.

    Best of luck w/these beauties!

    Beth Schmoyer
    Bethlehem, PA

  2. Does Lolo act like a 5 week old puppy instead of a 6 week old puppy? When I looked at her 5 week picture, I thought she looked more like her siblings at 4 weeks. Her ears lie smoother and closer to her head. In premature babies one way we try to determine their age is to feel the resistance of the cartilage in the ears, younger ones have more flexible ears. When do you have the puppies eyes examined? It seems to me there are certain jobs where a less active dog might be more suited; perhaps she is the therapy dog in the litter. As you can tell I am still rooting for Lolo. I am sure you will know more about her as she continues to develop. Give her a kiss for me. Congrats to Cadi. Good luck on finding that missing mind.

  3. Yeah! More puppies in Salt Lake, how fun!!! We'll be excited to follow the adventures of the G litter once they are born. Good thing the F litter will be in their new homes before the G litter arrives--that shows you haven't totally lost your mind! It's understandable, however. How could you say 'no' to more puppies?!?

    We can't wait to see all the puppies in SLC, and will hope to be regulars at all those puppy parties!


  4. Wow M-A you are gonna be one busy lady for the next few months! Great pix today!

  5. Oh goodie, more pups to follow along with their adventures! Can you share with us who the fishes daddy is?

    P.S. In my next life, I'm coming back as a BMD puppy, born & raised by Mary-Ann, hee,hee.

  6. More Puppies!!! Just when I was thinking how much I would miss your blog about the F litter puppies once they are on their way to their new homes, and now there will be new puppies.

    I sure hope that you have a G Litter blog. The cute puppy pictures and stories sure brighten my day.