Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The First Meal

This morning the puppies had their first non-dairy meal. Last night I had boiled organic chicken and rice in spring water, and blended it to the consistency of baby food. This morning each puppy had 1/4 cup of this tasty, sticky gruel. I fed them individually so that they could learn to eat without the frantic competition that is usually part of their eating experience, and will continue to do this for a while. They all did very well and enjoyed their breakfast. Sula and Kinsey shared theirs with Noah, and Darby was a slow and methodical eater.

After eating the puppies enjoyed some play time. I wish I could have captured for you one of the puppies barking and play bowing at one of the kitterns -- it was so cute! They love carrying their toys around and their play has definitely advanced to painful -- we break up quite a few puppy wrestling matches because one puppy is crying, "uncle, uncle" but the other one does not get the message to let go. Right now they are asleep in the play area in one big puppy pile.

Marianne asked about whether we would be breeding Halo again. I am not sure of the answer to this yet. She is an exceptional mother and produces lovely puppies, but she will be six this month so we are running out of time if we decide a third litter from Halo is a good idea. I also have some additional titles I want to get with Halo and so that plays into the picture as well.

I am excited to share these photos taken with the new Nikon! We have close-ups of Kinsey and Dawson. I have felt badly that Kinsey did not have more pictures recently but she makes up for it today -- she is the puppy laying sweetly with Halo in two pictures. I went to the Three Hundred Dollar Store (AKA Costco) and the puppies thought the box that I brought their organic chicken home in was quite the fun new adventure. Ledger is the one talking back to his mom, but Halo knows well that the best approach to mouthy children is to simply ignore them. I have included Darby enjoying her first meal and also Rosebud sharing hers with Noah.

I hope you tackle your day with the same enthusiam that the puppies had for their first meal! Thanks for visiting us.


  1. M-A the pictures look great with the new camera. Everyday brings new adventures. Do you think you could post a video (assuming the Nikon has that feature) on the blog?

  2. Oh, great idea Jonn! I would second that suggestion for a video . . .

    Liz A.
    Urbana, IL

  3. What fun to give them their first prepared meal. The pictures are great! You mentioned that they like to carry their toys around in their mouths, and you have posted pictures of them with their toys, can you tell us what kind of toys they are and what other toys are appropriate for them during puppyhood? Thanks for brightening up my day with the pictures and your great descriptions!


  4. It sure looks like the pups enjoyed their first chicken meal.

    I love the pictures of Halo and Kinsey - so cute!

  5. You can never go wrong with a cardboard box...for kids or puppies! I think a video is a great idea too!

  6. You get the best pictures! Hopefully some of your skills rubbed off on my camera! I love that they are already playing with a box. Makes that first lesson of 101 things to do with a box that much easier!

    They are getting so big so fast. Looking forward to seeing you soon.