Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Last night the puppies slept all night -- from about 9 until 5! This is the first time I have slept all night in six weeks!! When I woke up and realized it was not 2 a.m. I was worried about them but they were all fine and ready for breakfast -- perhaps all the outside time yesterday made them sleepy?!

The puppies are still sleepy this morning and after a play session they all conked out - can you see all eight in the puppy pile? The close-up is Kinsey falling asleep on her sister. I will post the six week collages as soon as Terri Zimmerman has a chance to get those done.

Last week Terri (another Terri -- not Zimmerman) visited us from Portland. With her permission, I share part of her trip report because I know you like to hear about individual puppies and it is fun to hear from someone besides me. Terri arrived with wonderful Oregon peaches, which we ate and ate -- YUM. That explains the reference in her post to peaches :)

From Terri:

"Each of them is so special, if I didn't leave my heart, then Sula stole it! She's "the" peach in my book! Dawson too, if it were a boy I wished for he'd be the one. If course I didn't dare show any thoughts for Ledger for fear of upsetting the puppy nanny, but I can see why Galen is smitten with Ledger, and what a cute face! And Kinsey, well she tugged at the heart strings too, the pictures of she and Sula all along in the blog have garnered my oohs and ahhs, something in their faces—don't know what it is—but it draws me to them. And so it was in person too, I really liked those girls—there is just something about them—unexplainable!

Speaking of cute faces, oh my gosh Madison and Darby! While Sula is a peach, a sweet singularly yummy peach, the best flavored one all season, Madison is a box of peaches that you walk up to and just go "wow look at that". What a cutie, polka dotted nose especially. And Darby is the prize winning peach at the state fair, classically beautiful and perfectly sweet. Rosebud, like Ledger, I didn't want to get attached to, but what a smarty! Already knowing just how to stack for the camera and at just five weeks!

And Lolo, precious, precious Lolo—as I was driving on my way there on Sunday over Lolo Pass I made a secret wish for her—I guess it's not secret anymore—I wished that she would grow as big as a mountain pass and be strong and healthy and happy. Then on the way home I saw a rainbow and not just a rainbow in the sky, but the end of a rainbow. Now I've never seen the end of a rainbow, but it was clearly the end, it came down in front of the mountains and was touching the ground just before passing Florence and it followed along with me as I drove until I was past Florence and then disappeared. There it was, the pot of gold, it was for Lolo. She just made me want to wish everything good for her. I'm not a woo-woo type at all, science all the way for me, but I got woo-woo feelings seeing the end of that rainbow and I just knew it was for Lolo."


  1. Thank you, Terri, for your description of all the puppies. You must have had a great time with them all! It sounds like you left your heart in Montana. The next few weeks will be long ones :)

    Congratulations, Mary-Ann, on your first full night of sleep! I remember that feeling, and the feeling of panic when you wake up and it isn't the middle of the night, when my babies started sleeping all night. After the panic is alleviated, it's such a nice feeling!


  2. Note to the human puppy nanny:
    What's the big idea of sending the kitten twin's slightly older but otherwise identical brother to my house? He is currently sleeping soundly on my patio with a belly full of birdie he snagged from my birdfeeder, while my 2 cats and Bella sit inside the patio door, alternately growling and barking, which disturbs him not in the least. I need a stray kitten like a hole in the head. I know you are responsible, and I am not amused.