Monday, October 27, 2008

Final Week!

It is the final week that we will have all eight puppies with us – isn’t that hard to believe?! I think they are increasingly hard work so that I will be a little less sad when they leave. Right now they are all asleep in their pen behind me, and so is Noah, the Feline Puppy Nanny. On Saturday we were scooping puppies up to move them and Cassie grabbed Noah, shocked at his weight before realizing it was a cat and not a puppy.

The puppies are a blast. They frolic outside – that is the best word to describe them. They have so much fun together and just running around and exploring things. They leap and spin and hop and run and tumble. Everything is fun to a puppy – they could teach us all a few things about just enjoying life.

When they are inside they play ferociously with each other, chew on me and anything else, and just have serious fun being exactly what they are – puppies. This morning I was trying to take pictures and was being chewed on in various spots, the camera strap was being used to play tug by two puppies, and Ledger was jumping on my back, no doubt trying to grab my hair. They pile in my lap, making it impossible to take pictures until the thrill of my presence calms enough that they are willing to do something other than mob me.

I asked all the new owners to answer a few questions by way of an introduction to our F Litter community. Today I want to share the first introduction. Jonn first contacted me some months back and we began that delicate dance of getting acquainted. I was concerned that a footloose single guy might not have what it takes to be a committed owner of one of our puppies, but I checked his references and they were glowing. His vet’s office could not say enough about his devotion to the dog he lost last spring.

Here is what Jonn shared for his introduction:

“Small business owner in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Lots of snow in this area, 300+ inches/year from November-April. Frisco is a wonderful mountain town with a charming main street where my business is located. I live one block away from both! So lots of walks to the post office or coffee shop etc. Frisco is one friendly place and is truly small town living. I have lived here for 10 years and love it.

This is my first Bernese Mountain Dog.

Well the excitement for this puppy is hard to put into words. I had a wonderful Golden Retriever, Marley, who was laid to rest last April. He lived six years and was diagnosed with an under-developed brain stem at about one year. Although he was a "special" dog, he was perfect!! He also was a gift so I really didn't have anything to do with the process of getting him, he might of come from a puppy farm. Here is my segue...After some initial research on Berners and deciding that it was the dog I really wanted I sent Mary-Ann an email in July and here we are.

I have been blown away at Kaibabs breeding standards. Hence the satisfaction in knowing I am getting one of the best bred Bernese Mountain Dogs in the country. The dedication of Mary-Ann, Galen, Kim and all the others involved in this process is truly a testament to these standards. The blog, early socialization, feedings, naming the pups and on and on. It has been quite impressive to witness and be a part of. I decided my next dog would come from a reputable breeder, not a puppy farm, and boy did I hit the jackpot on this one!!

I feel like this will be one lucky puppy! Frisco is wonderful and very pet friendly. This area offers countless outside activities most of which your dog can join you in. Hikes, camping, fishing, a stroll to the lake or down Main Street, so he will have a very active lifestyle. Dogs are allowed in our banks, offices, patios of most restaurants and my bar! This little guy will basically be with me all the time. It is not uncommon to got to someone’s house to watch a game or have dinner and there be more dogs than people! He will have lots of friends! This will be a pet for me, but I look forward to training and teaching the dog so he is a well-behaved, friendly and outgoing Berner. I am simply a dog lover and cannot wait to have one by my side all the time.”

Thanks to Jonn for being willing to let you all know what a great home one of our puppies will have with him.

I hope you enjoy today’s pictures as much as I do. Lolo is in three – she is playing with Halo in one, playing nicely with Rosebud and then beating up on Rosebud. Darby is playing with Noah (the Feline Puppy Nanny), is flat with her ear up, and is also a close-up. There are two of Sula with toys. There are close-ups of Madison and Dawson, and Rosebud is next to my leg looking up.

Videos will be on YouTube later today -- I will post the link(s) on the Blog when they are up. I hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. The final week!!! I can't believe it's finally here. We spent our weekend busily preparing to make our home "dog ready." It's like preparing for a baby (except we know exactly when this little baby will arrive, unlike with human babies). It reminds me of being a kid again-waiting for Christmas morning...feeling like it would never come. It's exciting to be reminded of that feeling, since as adults, we seldom have that sense of giddy anticipation.

    John, thank you for your short bio. Frisco sounds like a fun place for a dog (and for humans). Your puppy will be very lucky to be there with you. It sounds like we'll be playing the waiting game together this week. Will we get to meet you on Saturday at the Puppy Party?

    Here's to a short week!


  2. Look at Lolo taking on Rosebud! Go Lolo go!

    Nice to hear a bit about the puppies new homes.

  3. Brin

    Unfortunately I am not getting in until Sunday morning. I am working Saturday night so I can take the whole first week off to be with the little one 24/7!! Hopefully some people will still be around Sunday noonish!