Monday, October 27, 2008

An Intro and a Match

The puppies are officially eight weeks old today -- we made it! They are definitely eight times the work that they were eight weeks ago -- maybe even eight hundred times!

The whining you hear in the YouTube video is Lolo in Galen's lap -- she wanted to chase after me and the other puppy, and Galen was holding her so she wouldn't - she did not appreciate that!

We have another new puppy owner to meet -- Megan. I have included a picture of Megan with her berner, Anna, who died suddenly last May right after we had all been at the National Specialty in Rhode Island; I took that picture at that show. Here is what Megan wrote to share with all of you:


My name is Megan. I am thirteen years old and I live in suburban Southern California. I have known Mary-Ann for about three years. My puppy will be my family’s fourth Berner and my second. My first Berner Anna died in May.

Anna and I did a lot of things together. She slept in my bed a lot, and barked at all the boys who came by our house! Anna and I learned agility together and Anna tried to teach me drafting!

My puppy will go for lots of walks and meet all the kids in my neighborhood and all my friends from school. She will go to lots of training classes with me and I hope she will love going to dog shows and being my juniors dog. I also want to do agility, rally, drafting, obedience and tracking with her. When I am at school she will nap and play with our other dogs, Maverick and Fiona and wait for me to come home and play with her."

Megan's dog, Anna, was the aunt to our puppies and we are happy that Megan is able to take one of these puppies. Megan came to Montana and picked Rosebud and Darby as her choices, but we have decided that Rosebud is a lot of puppy for a 13 year old and so we are looking at Darby and a couple of other choices for Megan. I hope you can meet Megan -- she and her twin sister, Molly, are very special girls and we love them very much -- you will too if you have a chance to meet them!

And now we have our first match!!! Lolo has found her forever home – with The Puppy Nanny! Galen has asked if he can have Lolo as his own dog and we have agreed to this. He has long wanted a dog of his own, and he is ready to take on whatever limitations Lolo might have.

I will say that since Lolo got her St. Francis medal (thanks to Lynn) she has really started to look better and better – it is strange but it is almost like there was a miracle. Her eyes look better and she is more active. Galen is already training her and she is doing great – there is nothing wrong with her little brain. I think Galen’s plan is to have a better trained puppy than Megan so he is getting a head start!

And so Lolo has her very own person and also a new name. Galen has decided to call her Kaibab’s From the Heavenz and her call name is “Faith”.

Pictures! You can see Lolo-Faith with her medal in one. Poor Halo needs her own medal -- that is all eight nursing and then I took a picture from above so you can see those cute faces. Ledger is helping out with the dishes by cleaning the yogurt container, and Darby is getting an evil look from Halo for climbing on her. Dawson is playing with my improvised new toy, and Madison is standing on a laundry basket; Madison is also featured doing her best imitation of a corgi! The three playing puppies include Sula looking at the camera, and Kinsey is with the red ball and also in the close-up with Darby.

I hope very much that you are able to see the miracle in your day. Thanks for visiting us!


  1. Congratulations to Galen and Faith!!! I had tears in my eyes when I read the blog, I am so excited for the two of them. And I think you have chosen the best name for your little angel. Thanks, Mary-Ann, for the great news to start my day with.


  2. After watching the videos, I was wondering about Darby: boy, does she focus on her person! Sounds like she might be a great match for Megan.

    And Faith and Galen off to a new life together -- just wonderful.

    Can't wait to hear about the others.


  3. Congratulations to Galen and Faith! That is wonderful news to hear and I am glad she is doing well . . . And thanks, Megan, for your introduction. It sounds like M-A is really making a special match for you!

    To many happy adventures to come,


  4. Galen,

    What a wonderful thing for you to have Lolo as your own to treasure and teach and learn from. May she be your heart dog and fill you with happiness, love, and "faith" in all things good. Tears of joy are falling on my cheeks!


  5. I got teary when I read about "Faith" - she will be one lucky puppy!!!
    Galen has loved and cared for so many puppies - IT IS ABOUT TIME...
    Congratulations on the special match,
    Cindy H.

  6. Galen and Faith - a "match made in heaven!" The picture of them on October 21 said it all.


  7. Congrats to you Galen! I am so excited to know that you and Faith are a Match :D You guys make my heart smile!

    Best of Wishes to the both of you!